Georgia Governor Signs Law Laying Groundwork for Competitive EV Charging Network


Marking a major victory for NATSO and Charge Ahead Partnership members who need market reforms to profitably invest in electric vehicle charging, Georgia on May 2 laid the groundwork for a free and competitive electric vehicle charging marketplace in the state.

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp signed SB 146 into law, limiting public utilities from using ratepayer funds to subsidize EV charging stations. Utility ownership of EV charging stations in Georgia is now restricted to a single program, designed for Georgia Power to provide chargers in rural and remote locations. Private retailers are offered the right of first refusal once Georgia Power has identified a potential location.

The newly signed law also establishes that entities selling electricity for EV charging are no longer treated as utilities by the state, ensuring that all EV charging providers can operate under the same rates, terms and conditions.

Atlanta-based NATSO member RaceTrac attended the signing ceremony.

At the signing ceremony Gov. Kemp said a level playing field is vital for business investment to thrive. This legislation ensures that all EV charging providers can compete fairly.

The legislation was advanced by state Senators Steve Gooch and Senator Randy Robertson, along with Representative Alan Powell and Representative Rick Jasperse.

The Charge Ahead Partnership, of which NATSO is a member, issued a statement to media lauding the state’s compehensive policies to encourage the growth of the EV charging marketplace.  

Rep. Rick Jasperse said, “Nothing is a greater incentive than free-market competition, and we believe the most forward-thinking innovators in EV charging services will soon be calling Georgia home.”

NATSO continues to engage with the Charge Ahead Partnership to advance the message that the best way to build out a nationwide network of EV charging stations for the long-term is through a market-based approach. 

This coalition has grown to include more than 200 national organizations, businesses, and individuals who share the common goal of efficiently and effectively developing a charging network for electric vehicles across the United States.

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