Truckstops and Travel Centers Host COVID Vaccine Clinics

NATSO is urging members to host a vaccine clinics. 

In recent weeks, several NATSO members have hosted successful vaccine clinics and several more are planned.

The truckstop and travel plaza industry can help truck drivers access a vaccine regardless of their state residency. We can also provide drivers the chance to receive their second vaccination, even though they received the first dose at a different site.


Truckstop and Travel Center Vaccine Clinics:

Where: White's Travel Center of Raphine, Virginia
When: Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 2pm until 6pm until the end of summer
Additional Notes:  White's has partnered with Dr. Marsh of Raphine Medical Associates, the Virginia Department of HealthVirginia Department of Transportation and the Virginia Governor's office to host the vaccine clinics.  Dr. Marsh and his staff will be administering the vaccinations inside of Destination Station. Dr. Marsh has obtained Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines. Appointments are not required.

Where: AC&T Travel Center in Hagerstown, MD
When: June 15th from 12pm-7pm and June 25th from 8am-4pm
Additional Notes: The clinic will the Johnson & Johnson vaccine and is open to anyone that wishes to receive it.

Where: Six TravelCenters of America Locations
When: June 15th 9am-3pm
Additional Notes:
TA Effingham IL #35
TA Amarillo, TX #55
TA Ontario, CA #162
TA Terrell, TX #233
TA Wheeler Ridge, CA #239
Petro Shreveport, LA #308
CVS Clinics - 6 field locations and HQ will host CVS Vaccination Clinics on June 15th 9am-3pm local time.  CVS will man the clinic the Site General Manager will provide the accommodations including space, table and chairs.  The CVS clinic will have 144 appointments available at each site.  Employees will be provided a link to schedule an appointment time for themselves and their family members online through CVS portal.  Drivers will be able to walk in and receive a vaccine the day of the clinic based on availability.  There Is no charge for the vaccine.  Valid Id is required to receive the vaccine. 

Where: TravelCenters of America in Mount Vernon, Troy, Effingham (a Petro outlet) and Bloomington in Illinois
When: May  29 – June 1 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. 
Additional Notes: The clinic will be offering the Johnson & Johnson vaccine at no cost.

Where: Oak Grove 70 Petro, Oak Grove, MO
When: Thursday, May 27th and again on Thursday, June 17th; from 3pm-7pm
Additional Notes:  Oak Grove 70 Petro has partnered with the National Guard to offer two more COVID-19 Vaccine Clinics. 

Where:  Native Pride Travel Center in New York
When:  Wednesday, April 7th from 10am-3pm 
Additional Notes: JC Seneca Foundation partnered with G-Health Enterprises to host a vaccination pop-up clinic at Native Pride Travel Center in New York.

Where:  Illinois TravelCenters of America
When:   May 29- June 1
Additional Notes:  The State of Illinois will also collaborate with TravelCenters of America to host vaccination sites at four travel centers in downstate Illinois:
TA Mt. Vernon
TA Troy
Petro Effingham
TA Bloomington
These vaccination clinics were available Saturday, May 29 through Tuesday, June 1 from 10:00am-3:00pm and 5:00pm-8:00pm.  These vaccination clinics offered the single dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine and were open to anyone 18-years and older.  No appointment necessary, and vaccines were available at no cost, regardless of insurance status. Total: 318 people vaccinated

Where: Love’s in Laredo, Texas
When: June 1st from 8:30 am – 1:30 pm
Additional Notes: Laredo Motor Carrier Association & Fire Dept is co-hosting a clinic with Moderna for All  Drivers, Community, Love’s employees and families.

Where: Love’s in Dunn, North Carolina
When: June 3rd from 8:30 am – 1:30 pm
Additional Notes: AdhereHealth is co-hosting a clinic with Johnson & Johnson for All  Drivers, Community, Love’s employees and families. Register here or scan the QR code to go to the site to register: 

Where: Iowa 80 Truckstop in Walcott, Iowa
When: June 3rd from 3pm – 7pm
Additional Notes: This clinic will be a Walk-in Only clinic and no appointments are needed. The clinic will offer both the Pfizer and the Johnson & Johnson single-dose vaccines. It will be conducted on the third floor of the main truckstop building. Anyone age 12+ can receive the Pfizer vaccine and anyone 18+ can receive the J&J vaccine. Ages 12-17 do need to have a legal guardian present.

Where: Love’s in Memphis, Texas
When: June 4th from 8 am – 8 pm
Additional Notes: Nomi Health & TX DSHS is co-hosting a clinic with Johnson & Johnson with Johnson & Johnson for All  Drivers, Community, Love’s employees and families. Nomi Health will be giving away Love’s gift cards and is trying to arrange to have a food truck on-site as well.

Where: TA Sparks
When:  June 4, 1pm -6pm
Additional Notes: City of Sparks Nevada to host clinic at TA Spark



Although everyone is now eligible for vaccines and more pharmacies and locations have vaccines available, truck drivers continue to face significant challenges in accessing vaccines.

The truckstop and travel plaza industry can help truck drivers access a vaccine regardless of their state residency. We can also provide drivers the chance to receive their second vaccination, even though they received the first dose at a different site.

Truckstops and travel plazas are uniquely designed to accommodate truck drivers who find it difficult to park at a traditional pharmacy or other vaccination site.

For NATSO members that offer annual flu clinics or blood drives: you already have established relationships in your community that can be utilized to oversee and administer vaccine distribution at your site.

By vaccinating our own industry’s truckstop employees, we can amplify the breadth and scope of vaccination deployment across the communities in which we operate.