Truckstop Superhero

The travel plaza and truckstop industry serves as the concierge of the highway, providing safe, thoughtful and courteous hospitality to both truck drivers and four-wheel traffic. This hospitality frequently results in truckstop and travel plaza employees performing exceptional acts of kindness or courtesy. However, their heroic acts are seldom shared outside of their location.

The NATSO Foundation created the Truckstop Superhero award to recognize those truckstop and travel plaza employees who go above and beyond the call of duty.

Examples include pulling someone from a burning vehicle, visiting a driver taken to the hospital and taking stranded customers home for the night. Superheros may also simply offer customer service that has a profound effect on the customer’s day.

When you know of, witness, or experience an exceptional act of kindness or courtesy by a travel plaza or truckstop employee, please take the time to fill out and submit this Truckstop Superhero Nomination Form. Your nomination will help us publically recognize the industry employee for their act and help the individual employee take pride in their profession.


New Truckstop Superheroes are announced monthly here, NATSO’s website, and through NATSO’s social media outlets. The recipients are sent a lapel pin and personalized certificate of appreciation. They also receive a small poster to display in their location.

For additional information, please direct questions to Amy Toner by email at or by phone at (703) 739.8570.