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The initial grant distribution will prioritize funding for EV charging infrastructure at off-highway and off-Interstate locations.
The Charge Ahead Partnership is a coalition of individuals and businesses united in the idea that the best way to expand the electric vehicle charging network is through a competitive, market-based approach.
NATSO members should contact their state transportation departments promptly to learn about their electric vehicle charging plans and to share our industry's perspective on the plans' development.
It is incumbent upon fuel retailers to urge state DOTs to structure projects in a “make-ready” model that allows utilities to invest in the grid and distribution enhancements necessary to feed charging stations while a competitive, private market governs the consumer-facing charging transaction. 
The federal Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) provides $7.5 billion to install electric vehicle charging infrastructure via the National Electric Vehicle Formula Program and the Charging and Fueling Infrastructure Program. This money will be distributed via state transportation departments (DOTs).
Download NATSO’s draft Model Legislation.