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Connecting with Truckstop Customers

To better understand their customers, truckstop and travel plaza operators are relying on old-fashioned, face-to- face customer service while also embracing technology to initiate conversations and engage with a customer base that is constantly on the move. More

What's In It For Me?

NATSO's Chairman explains NATSO's two goals. More

When Everyone Is Going Small, Dad’s 113 Travel Center Goes Big

Dad's 113 Travel Center embraces the mantra go big or go home. More

Let Freedom Ring!

Rest area commercialization, tolling and excessive credit card fees are just some examples of obstacles that we as truckstop operators must overcome every day. More

Honoring 'The Boss'

Chuck Bosselman inducted into NATSO Hall of Fame. More

See What Spring 2012 Can Do For You

I urge you to consider making spring 2012 one you won’t forget. Get involved in the NATSO Day on Capitol Hill. Go see your elected officials at their office. You will be impressed with what you can do. More

Your 2012 Goal: Get Involved

It is a pleasure to write my first letter as Chairman of NATSO. It is an honor to be serving with you More

The Bus Stops Here, One Vehicle Brings Many

For Iowa 80 Truckstop, Walcott, Iowa, word-of-mouth marketing has been key. “Bus drivers talk to each other and they talk about the fact that we can accommodate large groups and we have a portico they can unload their bus under. Plus when buses drive by our location on another trip, they can see we have bus parking and other buses are stopped,” Heather DeBaillie, marketing manager for Iowa 80 Group, said. More

Four Things Tank Truck Drivers Need on the Road

"When a tanker driver needs to rest, there are only certain areas they can park their equipment. This is to protect the public," said Danny Hansen, Sinclair's trucking manager. More

The RoboBurger equipment is a fully autonomous robotic burger chef in a vending machine.
TravelCenters of America recently opened a new TA Express Travel Center near Statesboro, Georgia.
The initial grant distribution will prioritize funding for EV charging infrastructure at off-highway and off-Interstate locations.
The Charge Ahead Partnership is a coalition of individuals and businesses united in the idea that the best way to expand the electric vehicle charging network is through a competitive, market-based approach.
NATSO members should contact their state transportation departments promptly to learn about their electric vehicle charging plans and to share our industry's perspective on the plans' development.
It is incumbent upon fuel retailers to urge state DOTs to structure projects in a “make-ready” model that allows utilities to invest in the grid and distribution enhancements necessary to feed charging stations while a competitive, private market governs the consumer-facing charging transaction.