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Appeal to Your Truckstop Customers From Abroad

Appeal to Your Truckstop Customers From Abroad Members Only Join or Login

As ethnic populations continue to grow, demand for cultural foods at truckstops will continue to increase.  More

From a Cash Register to Capitol Hill: Robin Puthusseril Helps Advance the Industry

When Robin Puthusseril, vice president and co-owner of The Greater Chicago I-55 Truck Plaza, was just six years old, she stood on a milk crate to run the cash registers in her family’s grocery business. Today, she is using her expertise to help guide the family’s travel plaza, and she is sharing her insight to help the entire industry. Puthusseril recently testified before Congress on behalf of NATSO and truckstop and travel plaza operators nationwide during a House Committee hearing titled Advanced Biofuels Under the Renewable Fuel Standard. More

Engaging Employees Of The Millennial Generation at Your Truckstop Members Only Join or Login

Millennials—typically defined as those born between the early 1980s to the early 2000s—are an important part of the workforce and can provide valuable skills to their employers. However, millennials are often stereotyped as being entitled, unmotivated and difficult to manage, but operators that have learned how to tap into the talent of the millennial generation said they value the traits they bring to the table. More

Greater Chicago Truck Plaza Receives Lung Health Champion Award

Greater Chicago Truck Plaza in Bolingbrook, Ill. received honors from the Respiratory Health Association for their lung health efforts. More

Who Do You Look Up To In The Truckstop Industry?

NATSO operators share who they look up to in the industry and why. More

Second International Study Tour Planned

“What stands out most from the trip was the opportunity to learn, think, be creative and be inspired by all that I saw and experienced.” More

Lessons from Around the Globe

“The biggest takeaway was that, uniquely, we all have similar problems and similar answers,” said Dan Alsaker, Broadway Truck Stops, who participated in the tour. More

What have you learned about selling DEF?

NATSO members who sell DEF talk about how it has affected their business, and what they have learned. More

Operators Describe What Helps Them Buy At Trade Shows

Trade shows are an investment of both time and money. Knowing how to get the most out of any show can help exhibitors see the return on investment they were hoping for when they filled out their registration form. More

Discover Top-Selling Truckstop Products

Industry suppliers looking to introduce a product or target a new customer can get on the inside track by hearing directly from truckstop owners and operators who shared their top-selling items with NATSO. More

The RoboBurger equipment is a fully autonomous robotic burger chef in a vending machine.
TravelCenters of America recently opened a new TA Express Travel Center near Statesboro, Georgia.
The initial grant distribution will prioritize funding for EV charging infrastructure at off-highway and off-Interstate locations.
The Charge Ahead Partnership is a coalition of individuals and businesses united in the idea that the best way to expand the electric vehicle charging network is through a competitive, market-based approach.
NATSO members should contact their state transportation departments promptly to learn about their electric vehicle charging plans and to share our industry's perspective on the plans' development.
It is incumbent upon fuel retailers to urge state DOTs to structure projects in a “make-ready” model that allows utilities to invest in the grid and distribution enhancements necessary to feed charging stations while a competitive, private market governs the consumer-facing charging transaction.