What is the Target Market for Electronic Cigarettes?

49.5% of E-Cig users purchased their first e-cigarette online due to a lack of saturation in the market.

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/// Guest post by contributor Jessica Miltier, METRO Electronic Cigarette

The FDA would have you believe that e-cigarette manufacturers are specifically targeting only the youth with this “new fangled contraption.” But the truth is that even just a small amount of market research will show you that while sure, youth have gotten their hands on an e-cigarette here or there, the target market is not minors. With simple social networking tracking tools, I have easily been able to determine who our target market is and I can tell you we do not have a minor consumer base.

So that still begs the question, “Who is the target market for electronic cigarettes then if it is not youth”? I’m glad you asked! Here are some important statistics about electronic cigarette users.


  • 99% of E-Cig users are previous or current tobacco users
  • 79% of E-Cig users are repeat buyers
  • 70% of E-Cig users were looking for an alternative to tobacco before they found e-cigarettes
  • 49.5% of E-Cig users purchased their first e-cigarette online due to a lack of saturation in the market!

What does this tell you about the target market? It tells you that those using e-cigarettes are those that have smoked or used some sort of tobacco product for many years (youth are never long-time smokers, if current smokers at all). It also tells you that once electronic cigarette users try an e-cigarette they are not likely to stop (a small percentage of them give up before finding a brand they like) which means a residual customer for you.

The most important thing about these statistics is that retailers are losing out on a market this is growing by not offering e-cigarettes to their consumer – almost 50% of first time users were forced to buy online because they could not find them in a store! The truth of the matter is that consumers would rather by from a store than buy online – they feel it is more convenient. Even our customers cry out for re-stocking when a store in their area runs out.

Here is a little bit about the demographics of the current e-cigarette user:


  • 60.5% Female audience
  • 39.5% Male audience
  • 33% of E-Cig users currently live in the Southern States
  • 19% of E-Cig users currently live in the Northeastern States 

What you already know is that women tend to be more concerned with their appearance than men, so the fact that more women use e-cigarettes is definitely no stretch of the imagination. Smoking is considered a “dirty” habit now and women concerned with their image are begging for another option that does not dampen their image.

The statistic that most consumers come from the southern and northeastern states should not discourage any retailer – really all this proves is that retailers in those areas have caught on to the supercharged growth rates of the e-cig industry first. 

Now that you have some insight into your target market, I say, “Go out there and get them! What are you waiting for?” With the right signage and displays, customers looking for an alternative will find you.

{Guest Post} Guest post provided by Jessica Miltier of METRO Electronic Cigarette, a product line provided by NATSO Allied member TNT Sales. METRO Electronic Cigarette offers quality and affordable e-cig disposables, electronic cigarette starter kits, e-cigarette build your own kits, smokeless cigarette cartridges and more. To learn more about electronic cigarettes and METRO Electronic Cigarette visit www.METROEcigs.com

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