Understanding The Truckstop and Travel Plaza Customer

If there are four truckstops sitting on an intersection, it is possible that each location has a different type of customer. To understand and meet the needs of those customers, truckstop and travel plaza operators need to uncover who is shopping their store and when. 

The primary customers at truckstops and travel plazas can be grouped into two categories—the professional truck driver or the four-wheel traveler, but there are several variations within those two groups. Drivers can be company drivers, leased owner operators or true owner operators. Four- wheel drivers might be locals, tourists or commuters. 

The one thing all customers have in common is that when they stop, they are either after food, fuel or the restroom. It is their differences that set them apart. Identifying and analyzing the different types of customers can help operators shape their product offerings, services and messaging...

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