Ten Ideas on What Truckstops and Travel Centers Can Share on Social Media Right Now

Here are ten social media ideas that NATSO members may want to share on social media during the coronavirus pandemic.
Ten Ideas on What Truckstops and Travel Centers Can Share on Social Media Right Now

Travel centers and truckstops are on the front lines during the COVID-19 crisis, caring for the professional drivers who are delivering food to grocery stores, medical supplies and equipment to hospitals, and other essential goods. 

My Facebook feed is full of wonderful messages from NATSO’s members about the way they are supporting professional drivers. 

Here are ten social media ideas I’ve seen that NATSO members may want to share on social media:

  • A thank you to professional drivers
  • How you’re supporting your local community, such as donating supplies to clinics or food pantries
  • A thank you to your employees for providing the essential services to our country during this pandemic
  • Photos of your staff cleaning pumps
  • Links to articles about the industries essential efforts, such as providing food and fuel to professional drivers
  • Information on what food you have available, and how locals and drivers alike can order it and pick it up 
  • Any unique offerings available, local items are especially resonating right now
  • In-demand items that are in-stock, such as toilet paper, paper towels and hand sanitizer
  • Changes you’ve made to protect everyone’s safety, such as sneeze guards or adding full-service fueling
  • Acts of kindness

There are several other types of posts that might be interesting. What about:

  • Recognizing high school seniors who are graduating (you could post this closer to May)
  • Posting a recipe for a truckstop restaurant speciality now that more people in the community are baking and cooking at home
  • Filming a virtual field trip for all the students who are out of school

What other ideas do you have? Tell me in the comments.

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