Topics: Vendor Tips

Keep in Touch with Prospective Customers

Industry suppliers working to keeping in touch with prospective customers can walk a fine line between persistent and overly aggressive. More

Offering Increased Sandwich Variety Could Boost Sales

Diners are looking for more variety in sandwiches, according to foodservice consultant Technomic, and offering more options could boost sales for truckstop and travel plaza operators and industry suppliers while also increasing customer satisfaction. More

Three Things Your Customers Want From Suppliers

Operators know their suppliers have the expertise that could help take their sales to the next level, so Highway Business Matters talked with truckstop owners and managers to learn three things they'd like to see from their vendors. More

Snack-Size Portions Can Result in Full-Size Profits

Alerting truckstop managers to this new trend could boost restaurant sales and increase profits for locations and their suppliers alike. More

How Do Gulf Area Truckstops View the Spill?

As the impact of the Gulf oil spill continues to hold the nation's interest, Highway Business Matters recently talked to truckstop and travel plaza managers in the region to understand their views on the situation. More

Four Things Tank Truck Drivers Need on the Road

"When a tanker driver needs to rest, there are only certain areas they can park their equipment. This is to protect the public," said Danny Hansen, Sinclair's trucking manager. More

Four Things Travel Store Managers Want

Truckstop operators know drivers are going to stop for food and fuel, but additional sales within the location's travel store can help boost profits while meeting drivers' other needs. More

Shop Operators Share Insights, Opportunities

Offering variety can also increase the amount and types of products customers buy. "You have so many facets of customers coming through and they want different things," Gay said. "You can't just carry one brand of something." More

Truckstop Restaurants Dish Out Opportunities to Suppliers

Professional drivers, the traveling public and locals alike all frequent the restaurants at the nation's truckstops and travel plazas. More

CSA 2010 May Increase Drivers’ Needs at Truckstops and Travel Plazas

Motor carriers, the primary customer base of truckstops and travel plazas nationwide, are preparing for the new safety protocol Comprehensive Safety Analysis 2010 (CSA 2010). More

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