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Operators Rely on Managers for Purchasing Decisions

Truckstops and travel plazas incorporate several profit centers into one business. More

Four Things that Make Truckstops Unique

Stopping at a truckstop or travel plaza can mean different things to different people. Whether it is for a quick stop to fill the tank or a leisurely sit-down meal in the restaurant, drivers rely on travel plazas to meet their needs while out on the road. Here are four things that make truckstops stand out. More

A Day in the Life of a Truckstop Operator

While no two days are ever exactly the same for truckstop and travel plaza operators, Highway Business Matters sat down with Dirk Binnema, owner of Planeview Travel Plaza in Osh Kosh, Wisc., to get a sneak peak into his day. More

Truckstops Need Your Help in the Fight Against Commercialization

Nationwide, interstate exit-based businesses like truckstops and travel plazas are being threatened by legislators seeking to overturn the long-standing prohibition on the sale of food, fuel and other retail services from the interstate right-of-way as a means of fixing state budgetary shortfalls. More

Four Things Drivers Want in a Truckstop

For the drivers traveling down America’s highways, the nation’s truckstops and travel plazas offer a place to refuel their bodies and their vehicles. More

Restaurant Industry Study Finds Online Daily Restaurant Deals Driving Consumer Behavior

Online daily deals are attracting new and infrequent customers to participating restaurants, according to the Online Daily Deals Report by Chicago-based food industry research firm Technomic. More

Truckstop Operators, Vendors Aid in Relief Efforts

The deadly tornados that ravaged parts of the country earlier this year have devastated communities where NATSO members live and work, and truckstop operators and their industry suppliers have rallied to boost relief efforts. More

Survey Shows Growing Consumer Concern over Fuel and Food Prices

In its most recent consumer sentiment and behavior survey, food industry research firm Technomic, Inc., found that 84 percent of consumers believe that grocery prices have risen in the past three months and 62 percent believe restaurant prices have risen. More

Operators Look to Save on Rising Food Costs

Truckstop and travel plaza operators nationwide are working to reduce food waste as food prices continue to rise. More

Fleet Safety Regulations Boost Shop Repair Opportunities

Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) has changed the way the federal government calculates carrier safety scores. More

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