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The Willkomm Family’s Roots Run Deep and it Shows

The Willkomm family built the Highlands Petro in Racine, Wisconsin, in the 40s and has been running it ever since. The family has built its brand by focusing on the local community and emphasizing the role it plays in the business. When you walk into the Racine Petro, you understand the work and vision the Willkomm family has poured into the stop. More

Anew Travel Center Sends a Clear and Consistent Message to Customers

Customers stopping in at Anew Travel Center in Cambridge, Nebraska, will never wander around wondering where they should go. The location does an excellent job communicating with customers with its signage, which presents a clear and clean message throughout the location. More

Unique Offerings Abound at Johnson and Johnson Busy Bee #25

Johnson and Johnson Busy Bee #25 in Live Oak, Florida, does a lot of things well, and the attention to detail is obvious throughout the location. Most notable is the wide array of unique items that fill the store, which features a distinctive layout that is long but not particularly deep. That design gives customers a reason to walk the store and shop. More

Service Shines in the Heart of Florida at Acme Truck Stop

At Acme Truck Stop in Orlando, Florida, the staff is focused on service and speed, and it shows. Service is important to everyone who works at the location. Because the location is older, service is key, and it shows as when I visited the location they immediately made me feel welcome. More

Outpost Travel Center Distinguishes Itself by Building a Brand

Horn Oil’s Outpost Travel Center operates seven locations and has built an audience of loyal followers through its full-service restaurants and delicious food service. They are building a brand all on their own, and have focused on the local community as well as drivers. More

FuelMaxx Entices Customers to Refuel, Both Figuratively and Literally

Even if you weren’t planning to buy a cup of coffee or a fountain drink when you stopped at FuelMaxx, you’d be tempted to get one once you see the location’s displays. The coffee area and beverage stations are stunning. They have every flavor slushie you could ever want, and a milkshake area for those looking for a sweet treat. More

Simmons Travel Center Finds Success Focusing on its Customer and Product Mix

Simmons Travel Center is a good looking operation that does all sorts of things well. One area where they really excel is mixing truck and four-wheel traffic. They have focused on understanding each of the two customer groups and have found several ways to mix them successfully in one operation. More

Get Drawn in at Sheetz

Have you walked into a department store and noticed how some retailers are creating a store within a store? Macy’s added a pop-up Etsy shop within its flagship Herald Square location in New York City, Meijer added a Skechers shoes concept shop to its location in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and J.C. Penny has added mini Sephora stores inside its locations. The idea is it creates a destination and makes people venture into different areas of the store. More

Truckstop Travels

Darren Schulte, NATSO vice president of membership, frequently visits NATSO members to review their locations and offers impactful merchandising and operational improvements. He periodically shares stories about the great retailers he visits on the blog. Here is snap shot of just a few. More

Fill Up on Southern Hospitality at St. Rose Travel Center

While roaming around St. Rose Travel Center, there is a good chance you’ll run into Miss Pat, which tells you everything you need to know about the Southern hospitality that you’ll find at this location in St. Rose, Louisiana. The minute you walk in the door you get a wonderful warm feeling. They greet customers with a smile and they know most of their people by name. Whether you’re a repeat visitor or stopping in for the first time, you feel welcome. More

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