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CMS Fueling Center Rocks at Retail

At CMS Fueling Center in Lapeer, Michigan, inside sales are king, and the location does more retail sales than diesel sales a month, which is impressive. Everyone within the location is focused on knowing what the local community wants, allowing CMS Fueling Center to do an amazing job of generating sales from their customers. More

R-Place Emphasizes Unique Experiences

Locals, professional drivers and families traveling down the interstate find a unique dining experience at R-Place Family Eatery inside the Morris, Il., TA location. Kathy Romines is the driving force behind R-Place, and she creates the experience so many customers enjoy. She has been in the restaurant business for more than 50 years and started the restaurant in 1967 when her husband, Larry, bought the truckstop. Kathy took care of the customers who came inside their location, and Larry took care of the customers who needed service or assistance on the outside. More

Everything Shines at 75 Chrome Shop

During a stop at 75 Chrome Shop in Wildwood, Florida, the first thing you notice is how meticulously cared for the location is. It is bright and shiny and beautiful, and every little detail at the location speaks to who the operators are. More

Lucky Dueces Gets to Know its Customers

Roady’s Lucky Deuces Travel Plaza in Duson, Louisiana, is a unique location. The 6,500-square-foot location features a café, convenience store, small casino, fuel islands, truck repair shop and RV Park. It is tied to a casino and the location’s chief operator and owner, Manish Sthanki, knows how to draw in casino customers as well as drivers. More

Penn 80’s Emphasis on Immediate Purchases Brings in Customers

Penn 80 Flying J in Milton, Pennsylvania, is a robust location that has placed an emphasis on the immediate, need-it-now purchases that come from shoppers on the go. Their slogan, “Refuel. Recharge. Reboot. Get Back on the Road,” rings true in the way products and offerings are positioned. Customers can find what they’re looking for and pass in and out of the location quickly. More

NATSO Members Connect with Customers Through Signage

Signage is one of the most important tools to connect with customers. It not only attracts customers from the street and draws them into the location, but also communicates sales or promotions, spurs point-of-sale purchases and directs customers where to go. Signs are often the first introduction to your business, and if you aren’t featuring signage, you’re missing an opportunity. More

Stamart #5 in Fargo is a Treasure Trove for Customers

Stamart #5 in Fargo, North Dakota, knows who its customers are and creates exactly what they want. This is a special location and is like a treasure trove waiting to be explored. They have different and interesting types of merchandise at a good price, and they mix all of that with really good food offerings. More

Sit-Down and Enjoy a Meal at The Tennessean

Locals as well as hungry drivers can find a delicious meal at The Tennessean Truck Stop in Cornersville, Tennessee, and if you won’t take my word for it, just check out their Google Reviews. More than 200 customers have taken the time to comment on the location, and most of them mention the delicious BBQ, cozy restaurant and great service. More

Cimarron Travel Center’s Welcoming Atmosphere Attracts Guests

Cimarron Travel Center in Billings, Oklahoma, is a welcoming location, and its guests aren’t shy about sharing how much they love the stop. I’ve never seen more people submit pictures on the Google Maps site. Guests are especially excited about the location’s dog park and leave comments letting everyone know how great it is. More

NATSO Members Cater to Those with a Sweet Tooth

Professional drivers and four-wheel customers alike are often looking for a sweet treat when they stop, and NATSO members across the country offer a wide variety of desserts. More

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