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What Do the Latest Trends in Retail Mean for Truckstops? Members Only Join or Login

The retail industry has experienced significant change over the past decade, and the pace of change shows no signs of slowing down. While no retailer will be exempt from the changing face of retail, staying current on industry trends can help truckstop and travel plaza operators prepare for the future. More

Speed-of-Service = Customer Service at Truckstops [Infographic]

Professional drivers, the traveling public and local shoppers are all looking to get in and out of locations even faster. Here are a handful of ways you can meet customers' needs by moving through your location quickly. More

Volvo Embraces the Future with the Latest 18-Wheeler Technology Members Only Join or Login

How and when freight is delivered is changing and so are the vehicles that transport truckloads of goods. Old and new are coming together, and the Class 8 trucks of the future will combine automation, connectivity and electromobility while also becoming more integrated. Susan Alt, senior vice president of public affairs for Volvo Trucks, shared those insights with attendees at NATSO Connect 2019 during her keynote address. More

Advice for Truckstops: Best Practices for Addressing Marijuana in the Workplace Members Only Join or Login

Ten states and Washington, D.C., have legalized recreational marijuana use with more states, including Illinois, New Jersey and New York, expected to follow suit. Shifts in state law have left several employers wondering how to address company drug use policies as well as drug testing procedures. Although decriminalization of marijuana is increasing, none of the medical or recreational marijuana laws require employers to allow employees to use, possess or be impaired by marijuana during work hours or in the workplace, even if for medicinal purposes. More

Appeal to Your Truckstop Customers From Abroad

Appeal to Your Truckstop Customers From Abroad Members Only Join or Login

As ethnic populations continue to grow, demand for cultural foods at truckstops will continue to increase. More

Truckstops Use Private Labeling to Build Loyalty and Boost Profits

Truckstops Use Private Labeling to Build Loyalty and Boost Profits Members Only Join or Login

Private labeling of products can increase profits as well as customer loyalty. More

Truckstop Advice: How to Work with Local Government on Exit Closing & Road Changes

Truckstop Advice: How to Work with Local Government on Exit Closing & Road Changes Members Only Join or Login

Highway repairs and road closures are often an inconvenience, but for truckstop and travel plaza operators, traffic detours or delays can result in a significant decrease in revenue. What’s more, changes to exits or traffic patterns can create long-term disruptions that can leave businesses at a permanent disadvantage. There are several steps operators can take to make the process easier, said David Fialkov, vice president of government relations and legislative and regulatory counsel for NATSO. “One thing you should always do is introduce yourself and get to know the local project manager who is going to be overseeing the operation and make sure that you get well acquainted with him or her,” he said. “That individual is the type of person who can make your life better or worse depending on the degree he or she agrees with you.” More

Reflections on a Successful NATSO Connect

Exceptional is the word that I believe best describes NATSO Connect 2019. Lisa Mullings, NATSO’s CEO and president, and all of her staff have to be thrilled with the success of this year’s event. I would name everyone, but I might inadvertently leave someone out. Congratulations to all as NATSO Connect matures and improves. More

Jubitz Travel Center Stands Out As a Top Employer Members Only Join or Login

Focusing on employees is a top priority at Jubitz Travel Center in Portland, Oregon, and the company was rewarded for its efforts with a 2018 Top Workplaces honor from The Oregonian newspaper. NATSO sat down with Tom Faricy, director of people services at Jubitz Corp., to learn more about how the company keeps its employees front and center. More

Local Favorites on the Go

Sometimes the best ideas come from outside the industry. More

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