Topics: Rest Area Commercialization

New Jersey Senate Votes In Favor of Rest Area Sponsorships

The New Jersey Senate Transportation Committee voted unanimously last week to advance a bill to allow private companies to sponsor rest areas and service areas in return for upkeep of the facilities. S2514 next moves to the Senate floor. If approved there, the bill would advance to the Assembly for further consideration. More

Tolling, Commercialization, Swipe Fees: NATSO Responds to Challenges in 2012

If there was ever a year when NATSO was challenged on all of its major issues, it was 2012. NATSO's top issues--rest area commercialization, tolling and credit card swipe fees--were all in play throughout the year, with a big test early in the year on the rest area commercialization issue. And though we passed the test, there is always more to be done. But NATSO moves into 2013 with optimism and momentum in a positive direction, committed to continue protecting the interests of Interstate-based businesses. More

ODOT To Sell Advertising and Sponsorships at Interstate Rest Areas

ODOT signs contract with Travelers Marketing to run an advertising, sponsorship and naming rights program for the state's rest areas. More

Virginia Awards Rest Area Sponsorship Contract

VDOT recently awarded a corporate sponsorship contract for the state's 42 rest areas and welcome centers to CRH Catering of Connellsville, Pa. More

ODOT Meetings on Commercial Rest Areas Generate Opposition

On June 28 ODOT held a sparsely attended meeting in Columbus for potential bidders on the rest area projects. More

IOWA Seeks Rest Area Sponsorships

Iowa DOT said it is seeking funds to help defray nearly $3.7 million in annual operation costs. More

Highway Bill Negotiations Stall

It appears that negotiations on the transportation reauthorization legislation are stalling. More

ODOT to Issue RFP to Commercialize Non-Interstate Rest Areas

Last week ODOT issued a request for information seeking input on an upcoming proposal to commercialize non-interstate rest areas across the state. More

CWPMA Kills Commercialization Bill in Senate

The Colorado Wyoming Petroleum Marketers Association (CWPMA) last week withdrew its bill HB-1136 "Prohibition on the Use of Public Land for Retail Sales" after Senate State Affairs Committee Chairman Rollie Heath said he would allow taxpayer dollars to be spent by government entities to compete against private companies. More

Rest Area Commercialization Bill Defeated

Marking a major victory for NATSO members, truckstops and travel plazas beat back the biggest threat interstate businesses have ever faced under a highway bill in March, when the Senate resoundingly rejected an amendment seeking to commercialize rest areas. More

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