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EPA, FMCSA Issue Waivers for Reformulated Gas, Non-Road ULSD and Hours of Service

EPA in consultation with the U.S. Department of Energy has issued a waiver for reformulated gasoline (RFG) in 16 states and the District of Columbia to prevent disruptions of the supply of RFG in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. More

North Carolina, Virginia Continue Heated Debate on Tolling

WTVR, CBS 6 in Richmond is asking readers to weigh in on whether they support tolls on I-95 with an online poll. More

N.C. Coalition Applauds Gubernatorial Candidates' Commitment to Keeping I-95 Toll Free

The North Carolina No Tolls I-95 Coalition, Inc., last week commended former Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory and Lieutenant Governor Walter Dalton for expressing their commitment to keeping Interstate 95 toll free during Tuesday night’s second gubernatorial debate. More

Opposition to I-95 Tolling Grabs Media Spotlight

Interstate 95 tolling opposition gained significant media attention in recent days. More

EPA to Decide on Renewable Fuel Waivers

EPA plans to decide by mid-November if certain states will receive waivers from renewable fuel requirements for ethanol in gasoline. More

No Tolls I-95 Chairman Challenges N.C. Newspaper on Tolling

NATSO member Ernie Brame last week challenged the Fayetteville Observer for singling out its readers to pay a tax that other residents of North Carolina would not have to pay. More

Senate Candidate Denounces Virginia Tolling Plans

Gov. Bob McDonnell’s plan to finance upgrades to Interstate 95 in Virginia by collecting tolls near the North Carolina border took another blow when fellow Republican George Allen announced his opposition last week. More

EPA Temporarily Waives Summer Fuel Requirements For States Hit by Hurricane

EPA last week temporarily waived RVP requirements in eight states to prevent gasoline shortages after fuel supplies from refineries in the Gulf area were disrupted by Hurricane Isaac. More

Federal and State Legislation Introduced to Block Tolls on I-95 in N.C.

Lawmakers introduced several bills at the federal and state level in recent days aimed at limiting the North Carolina Department of Transportation's (NCDOT) ability to toll Interstate-95. More

Rep. Ellmers Seeks to Prevent Tolls on I-95

Rep. Renee Ellmers (R-N.C.) says preventing the expansion of tolls in North Carolina is among her top legislative priorities. More

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