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NATSO’s Day on Capitol Hill Returns May 15-17 at the Watergate Hotel

NATSO’s Day on Capitol Hill Returns May 15-17 at the Watergate Hotel

NATSO’s Day on Capitol Hill, the annual gathering when industry leaders meet with their lawmakers to discuss issues affecting the travel center and truckstop industry, is scheduled to be held May 15-17 at the Watergate Hotel in Washington, D.C. More

NATSO Kicks Off Day on Capitol Hill 2022

The truckstop and travel plaza industry kicks off its annual Day on Capitol Hill event this week to urge Congress to address the need for sound, technology-neutral energy policy. More

Kwik Trip Connects With Lawmakers Via Grassroots Efforts

Kwik Trip Connects With Lawmakers Via Grassroots Efforts

Kwik Trip, which operates 650 convenience stores in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa, encourages its 23,000 employees to take part in its grassroots efforts at both the state and federal level. More

NATSO Members Take Capitol Hill by Storm

NATSO Members Take Capitol Hill by Storm

More than 60 NATSO members spent May 14– 16 in Washington, D.C. as part of the industry's annual advocacy event. More

NATSO Day on the Hill Attendees Advocate for Sustainable Infrastructure Funding

As NATSO members crisscrossed Capitol Hill to advocate for long-term, sustainable infrastructure funding, Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao said the Administration continues to evaluate nearly 16 funding mechanisms for boosting infrastructure revenues. More

House To Drop Repeal of Debit Swipe Fee Reforms from Choice Act

Marking a major victory for retailers, Politico late yesterday announced that House Republicans plan to drop language from the Financial Choice Act that would have repealed the debit swipe fee reforms which have saved businesses and consumers billions since being implemented under the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. More

President Donald Trump Intends to Push a $1 Trillion Infrastructure Plan. What Could it Mean for Truckstops?

President Donald Trump intends to push a $1 trillion infrastructure plan that is expected to materialize this spring. The President’s plan for rebuilding the nation’s infrastructure is expected to rely on private investment instead of the federal government to back transportation projects. More

NATSO Anticipates Increased Interest in Tolling, Rest Area Commercialization from Lawmakers

Speaking at The NATSO Show 2017, David Fialkov, NATSO’s vice president of government affairs, told attendees that he expects an increased interest in tolling and rest area commercialization as lawmakers look to boost infrastructure funding levels. More

Politics and Pie at NATSO Day on The Hill Members Only Join or Login

NATSO members made their annual pilgrimage to Capitol Hill May 16–18, meeting with Senators and Members of Congress to voice how vitally important the truckstop and travel plaza industry is to the national economy and how Congressional votes affect its ability to thrive. More

Day On The Hill Matters

Some of the biggest decisions affecting your business aren’t made in the truckstop. More

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