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Focusing on Safety at Your Truckstop Boosts Employee Morale and Cuts Costs Members Only Join or Login

At Sapp Bros. safety starts with its safety mission that is hanging up in every location: Sustain zero accidents by providing a safe environment worked in by safety minded employees. More

Federated Insurance Promotes Fire Prevention Week with Resources for Businesses

NATSO Chairman's Circle member Federated Insurance is providing NATSO members with several resources for Fire Prevention Week, running October 6–12, 2013. Every year, business owners experience property losses totaling billions of dollars due to fire. Investigation into the cause of these fires found that, if consistent attention had been paid to a few very specific exposures, most of these losses could have been prevented. Managing an exposure like fire is not a yearly, monthly, or even weekly activity—it is a daily activity. Fires can destroy not only buildings and property, but also people’s livelihoods, sense of security, succession plan, and community at large. More

Risk Management: NATSO Members are Talking. Are You Listening

When I meet with travel plaza owners to discuss the risk management culture at their businesses, I often notice a repeating pattern. They have good intentions of making employee and customer safety a priority, but their good intentions don’t always get acted upon. They cite sticking points such as: I’m too busy. I’m not sure how to do it. We don’t really have any problems. Although these reasons can indeed be legitimate, they are often excuses. And excuses, my father always taught me, are like armpits—everyone has them and they all stink. More

Estate Planning: Difference Between Sale and by Gift/Inheritance Transfer

There are basically two ways ownership of a business can be transferred – by sale or by gift/inheritance. More

Small Businesses Remain Concerned Over Health Care Law

Expert explore costs of the recently upheld the health care law. More

Risk Management for Truckstop Operators

Successful businesses understand the importance of taking deliberate steps to minimize risk in all areas, both for customers and employees. More

Sneak Peek of Federated Insurance’s Travel Plaza Loss Control Guide

When insurance underwriters look at your business, they are trying to determine whether insuring your business can be profitable for their companies in the long-term. In most cases, there is no single factor that determines your operation’s acceptability or unacceptability. More

Business Benefits from a Sober Work Environment

Scott Paulson, principal of Silco Oil Co., in Denver, Colo., recently implemented a drug- and alcohol-free workplace program. Paulson utilized resources from Federated Insurance, including posters, written policies and consent-to-drug-testing forms. More

Keep It Clean

Business benefits from a sober work environment. More

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