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New York Bill Creates Incentives for Truck Parking

The New York State Legislature is considering a measure that would create tax incentives and a loan program to fund truck parking in the state. The bill, S3773, would create a 50 percent tax credit for owners or operators of private rest areas, truckstops and travel plazas that provide truck drivers with safe parking, and create a 20 percent tax credit for shipping and receiving facilities that agree to provide truck drivers with a secure area to rest while waiting for pending appointments or to observing federal hours-of-service regulations. The measure is awaiting consideration in the Senate Transportation Committee. More

ATA Asks Government to Delay HOS Changes

The American Trucking Associations (ATA) asked the federal government to delay implementing changes to the hours-of-service regulations until three months after the group’s current legal challenge ends. More

Freight Patterns Evolving; NATSO to Feature Keynote on Intermodal Outlook

To help truckstop operators better understand the rail piece of the puzzle, the changing dynamics in the shipping business and the growing partnership between trucking and rail, The NATSO Show will feature keynote presenter Ryan Houfek, CSX’s assistant vice president for intermodal sales, who will provide CSX's outlook on intermodal freight movement in the coming decades. More

ATRI Seeks Driver Input on HOS Provisions

The American Transportation Research Institute, the research arm of the American Trucking Associations, is asking commercial drivers to weigh in on changes to the 34-hour restart provision of the federal hours-of-service rule set to take effect in July. More

Clean Diesel Challenges EPA, NHTSA Fuel Economy, GHG Emissions Standards

Plant Oil Powered Diesel Fuel Systems Inc. recently filed two lawsuits challenging the EPA and Transportation Department's joint fuel economy greenhouse gas emissions standards for passenger vehicles and heavy trucks. More

DOT Agrees to Revise CSA

The U.S. Transportation Department has agreed to revise its Compliance, Safety, and Accountability (CSA) program, including re-evaluating the relationship between carrier safety scores and crash risks. More

Court of Appeals Agrees to Hear Challenges to Cross-Border Trucking Program

U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia has agreed to hear oral arguments in December from a pair of federal lawsuits challenging the U.S.-Mexico cross-border pilot trucking program. More

Electric Car Sales Slow to Take Off

Car buyers remain slow to embrace electric vehicles. More

EPA Awards $30 Million for Clean Diesel Projects

EPA announced it has awarded $30 million for clean diesel projects as part of its Diesel Emission Reduction Program. More

ATA For-Hire Truck Tonnage Index, August

ATA's advanced seasonally adjusted For-Hire Truck Tonnage Index contracted 0.9 percent in August after increasing 0.4 percent in July. More

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