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ELDS Bring Changes to Fleets, Truckstops Members Only Join or Login

The Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s electronic logging device (ELD) mandate will take effect later this year, changing the way millions of drivers on the road operate. The new regulation will bring changes to both the trucking and truckstop industries alike, and those within the industry expect to see drivers that are more starved for time as well as productivity losses for fleets. More

INCREASED COMPETITION: Keeping an Eye on Truck Terminals And Dealerships Members Only Join or Login

Trucking companies are constantly working to attract and retain drivers, and many are focusing on their terminals and offerings as ways to improve the driver experience, which could decrease the number of services drivers seek out on the road. More

Translating Trucking Trends Into Profitable Action Items At Your Truckstop Members Only Join or Login

The successes and challenges the trucking industry experiences have a significant effect on the nation’s truckstops and travel plazas, which means staying cur-rent on trucking trends is crucial for businesses that serve drivers. What’s more, successful truckstop and travel plaza operators know that trends often result in new opportunities. More

Trucks Of The Future Will Take Some Decision Making Away From Drivers Members Only Join or Login

Advances in technology are changing everything from how we interact with friends and family to products we buy. Technology is also bringing significant changes to Class 8 trucks, and the trucks of the future are likely to use autonomous technologies, such as adaptive cruise control systems, self-steering technology and vehicle-to-vehicle communication. Those advances will take decisions out of the hands of drivers and leave them to the vehicle and could, potentially, make driverless trucks a thing of the future. More

Top Economist Shares His Outlook for the Year Ahead Members Only Join or Login

At this year’s NATSO show, Bob Costello, senior vice president and chief economist at American Trucking Associations will share his insights during a keynote address, offering predictions on the economy, the trucking industry. More

DEF and Natural Gas Who Wants It and Who Should Add It Members Only Join or Login

As engine technology advances, so do the fuels used to power the engines. New truck technology first introduced in 2010 required the use of diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), which requires additional fueling infrastructure in order for operators to offer it at the pump. More

More Drivers Taking to the Road During the Day Members Only Join or Login

When Keith Wade, operations director at Dodge City Petro, held a driver appreciation day this year, he had hundreds of hot dogs to giveaway for lunch and two bands drivers could sit and enjoy. Unfortunately, drivers were in too much of a rush to stop. More

Today's Driver At A Glance [Infographic]

The average driver's age is 46.5-four years above the medium for the workforce as a whole. More

The Changing Face Of The Truck Driver Members Only Join or Login

The demographics among new truck drivers are beginning to shift, making way for a new generation of drivers that are more diverse. The industry is also working to attract a growing number of veterans and cater to drivers that are older than the average American worker. More

U.S. Economy Poised to Expand, Economist Says

The U.S. economy is poised for significant expansion for the first time since the great recession, according to American Trucking Associations’ Chief Economist Bob Costello. But a growing economy could constrain truck capacity. More

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