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Parking Drivers in the ELD Era at Your Truckstop

Parking Drivers in the ELD Era at Your Truckstop Members Only Join or Login

NATSO’s members operate in a complex environment where seemingly unrelated regulatory adjustments can have profound effects on their businesses. Truck parking is one such area. Specifically, the electronic logging device mandate that went into effect in December 2017 has created a number of unintended and undesirable truck parking scenarios that truckstops, travel plazas and drivers continue to navigate. More

Volvo Embraces the Future with the Latest 18-Wheeler Technology Members Only Join or Login

How and when freight is delivered is changing and so are the vehicles that transport truckloads of goods. Old and new are coming together, and the Class 8 trucks of the future will combine automation, connectivity and electromobility while also becoming more integrated. Susan Alt, senior vice president of public affairs for Volvo Trucks, shared those insights with attendees at NATSO Connect 2019 during her keynote address. More

Truckstop Operators Prepare for the Vehicles and Customers of the Future

The customers of tomorrow, as well as the vehicles they drive, are changing, and during the closing keynote address at NATSO Connect, forward-thinking truckstop and travel plaza operators learned more about what lies ahead. During the session, Susan Alt, senior vice president of public affairs for Volvo Trucks, and Frank Beard, analyst of convenience store and retail trends at GasBuddy shared their insights into how truckstops can meet the changing needs of professional and four-wheel drivers. More

Drivers Drivers to Remain Critical Even as Autonomous Technology Grows Members Only Join or Login

Autonomous technologies are continuing to make headlines. A handful of new startups, such as Waymo, as well as most major Class 8 manufacturers, including Paacar, Daimler and Volvo, are already testing autonomous technology. While the technology could be used to improve safety and, potentially, create self-driving vehicles, many within the trucking industry believe drivers will remain necessary. Bob Costello, chief economist for the American Trucking Associations, compared autonomous technology within the trucking industry to that used in the airline industry. Although auto-pilot technology could fly the plane, pilots must oversee the operations and take over the controls when necessary. “If something goes wrong outside of a catastrophic event, you have a while to deal with that event,” he said while speaking during NATSO Connect 2018. “I can’t imagine at this point the federal government will say to go ahead and take the driver out of the driver’s seat.” More

Economic Activity, Freight Levels Paint Strong Picture for the Trucking Industry

The economy is accelerating, consumer spending is strong, freight volumes are increasing and the country is undergoing the third longest economic expansion in history, all of which is boding well for the trucking industry, Bob Costello, chief economist for American Trucking Associations, told attendees of NATSO Connect. More

Trucking Execs Discuss Autonomous Technology, Electric Trucks and Hours of Service

Advances in Class 8 autonomous and electric truck technologies continue to make headlines, but executives from two major trucking companies said they don’t expect the new technology to bring major changes to the long-haul trucking industry any time soon. However, hours-of-service and electronic logging device mandates are bringing changes that have made the speed of service at truckstops and travel plazas even more important. More

Autonomous Trucking Technologies Gain Steam Members Only Join or Login

Autonomous technologies are advancing rapidly, and traditional equipment manufacturers as well as new players entering the market are working to bring new capabilities to equipment that could improve safety and productivity. More

Fleet Analytics Change the Way Carriers, Truckstops Operate Members Only Join or Login

Today’s fleets have information coming at them from all direc­tions. What they find could change the way truckstop and travel plaza operators do business, according to those within the industry. More

ATRI’s Driver Diaries Give Real-World Perspective to Truck Parking Concerns Members Only Join or Login

To tap into first-hand accounts of professional truck drivers and gain insight into their daily parking needs, the American Transportation Research Institute launched its Truck Parking Diary project in March 2016, document­ing the experiences of drivers as they find safe, available truck parking. More

ELDS Bring Changes to Fleets, Truckstops Members Only Join or Login

The Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s electronic logging device (ELD) mandate will take effect later this year, changing the way millions of drivers on the road operate. The new regulation will bring changes to both the trucking and truckstop industries alike, and those within the industry expect to see drivers that are more starved for time as well as productivity losses for fleets. More

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