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Are Your Truckstop Customers Buyers Or Shoppers

The majority of customers walk into a store either knowing exactly what they want or planning to look around. For retailers, that means they have two distinct customer types they need to cater to—shoppers and buyers. By understanding each group, truckstop operators can improve customer service, strategize promotions and improve their marketing, all of which can add up to increased profits. More

Five Tips for Attracting Hispanic Consumers to Your Restaurant

Not only are Hispanics the nation’s largest minority group, they are the fastest growing, according to a 2012 report by the research firm Nielsen. As this segment continues to grow, so will its impact on retailers. The research firm Technomic reported that by 2060, Hispanics are expected to comprise 31 percent of Americans. Hispanic Americans are a fast-changing population in terms of both demographics and in their needs and desires as consumers, Technomic reported. To stay relevant, retailers, particularly foodservice operators, need to stay current on the expectations of this market segment. More

Customers Are King at Gateway Travel Plaza

At the family-owned Gateway Travel Plaza in Breezewood, Pennsylvania, the No. 1 priority is treating customers right. That emphasis starts at the top with the Bittner family—the location’s owners—and trickles down throughout the organization reaching every employee. More

Five Tips For Boosting Truckstop Profits And Engaging Employees With Suggestive Selling

A subtle suggestion can add up to big sales for truckstop and travel plazas, and staff at Cash Magic Truck Plaza and Casino, which operates 22 locations, has turned suggestive selling into an art form. More

Tuscon Truck Terminal Wins for the Best Breakfast in Tuscon

For Omar’s Hi-Way Chef Restaurant at the Tucson Truck Terminal in Tucson, Arizona, emerging the champion in the Caliente’s Breakfast Madness contest not only means the location can boast for having the best breakfast in Tucson, it also means more and more people are hearing about the location. As a result, business is booming. More

Five Free Publicity Opportunities You Could Be Passing Up At Your Truckstop

For business owners, ink in either a local or a national publication creates visibility and an opportunity to reach new customers while also reconnecting with the current ones. More

Third Wave of Coffee: Coffee Is Good For You!

Recent studies confirm the health benefits of moderate coffee consumption as protecting against Type 2 diabetes, Parkinson's disease and depression. More

Joplin 44 Petro Lifts Spirits and Boosts Sales with Christmas Lights

At Petro Truck Stop in Joplin, Missouri, it is the Christmas lights on the inside of the store that have everyone talking. Store manager Chris Quattlebaum has transformed the location’s light wall into an engaging light show that times the flashing lights with the beats in a handful of Christmas songs. More

Third Wave of Coffee: Barista Or Coffee Captain As Tour Guide

It is more relevant now than ever to adopt the industry best practice of having a designated “Coffee Captain”, especially during peak service times. More

Third Wave of Coffee: Learn The Coffee Story

Consider adding details of your coffee’s specific story to the merchandising materials on display at your coffee counter, such as a photo of a farm in the growing region or a relevant twist on the name of the blend. More

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