Signage Best Practice for Truckstops and Travel Centers

NATSO is partnering with the International Sign Association to offer a webinar on Thursday, June 18 at 2:00 p.m. EST on “Signage Best Practices for Truckstops and Travel Centers.”
Signage Best Practice for Truckstops and Travel Centers

One of the many lessons learned from the pandemic is that businesses need ways to communicate with the public during these difficult and uncertain times. As our country begins to reopen and more Americans get on the road, the importance of signs, graphics and visual communications continues to play a prominent role.

That’s why NATSO is partnering with the International Sign Association (ISA) to offer a webinar on Thursday, June 18 at 2:00 p.m. EST on “Signage Best Practices for Truckstops and Travel Centers.” Register here.

From what types of signs are most effective, to how to obtain government approval for them, attendees will walk away with knowledge to get their business in front of their customers as our economy reopens.

Register to learn:

  • What kinds of signs, graphics and visual communications work most effectively for truckstops and travel centers;
  • What well-designed and well-placed signs can do to increase customer traffic and sales;
  • How to work with your sign and graphics partner;
  • The importance of keeping your signs clean and maintained; and
  • How to navigate, deal with and comply with sign regulations.

From hi-rise highway signs to window graphics, and from digital signs to gas pump canopies, there are many economic, marketing and regulatory aspects that truckstops and travel centers must consider to maximize their business. Tune in on June 18th and ISA will provide expert guidance on these important but often overlooked issues.

Open to NATSO members only. Preregistration and approval required.  Register here.

If you have any specific questions you’d like addressed on the webinar, please reach to Amy Toner, NATSO’s Vice President, Publishing and Digital Content, at (703) 739-8570 or

  Thursday’s webinar is sponsored by Curson Promotional Graphics. 

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