Opportunities For Our Truckstop Industry Businesses Are Varied And Enormous

NATSO has two affiliates that allow you to explore ideas to possibly expand and improve your operations.
Opportunities For Our Truckstop Industry Businesses Are Varied And Enormous

Opportunity. A dictionary describes opportunity as a plural noun. One definition says opportunity is "a set of circumstances that make it possible to do something." Opportunities for our truckstop industry businesses are varied and enormous.

NATSO has two affiliates that allow you to explore ideas to possibly expand and improve your operations. The Alternative Fuels Council led by Jeff Hove has the solutions for operators interested in the biodiesel market. Travel Center Profit Drivers, which is led by Don Quinn and Darren Schulte, can bring years of physical plant recommendations to those contemplating a change in their existing facility or entering the industry. Travel Center Profit Drivers fees can be a real investment by avoiding surprises.

Opportunities are plentiful within NATSO itself. Board members’ terms expire and committees need positions filled. NATSO leadership, like most other organizations, requires commitment from individuals. Leaders from committees often commit additionally by seeking a NATSO board of directors’ position.

Joining a committee yields great rewards. The greatest reward is making acquaintances with peers. Peers share many ideas that many of us have not thought about. One example, Bill Vollenweider, an operator who owned Detroiter Truck Stop before selling it to Pilot Flying J, shared the challenges of building great shower rooms. His insights helped others avoid pitfalls when they began renovating/building shower rooms.

NATSO’s HR Share Group is a networking group that may be an opportunity. This group requires a fee to be a participant. The group limits it's membership to those that are willing to meet twice a year. This group engages in networking, learning, and idea-sharing regarding human resources policy and issue areas. The existing members represent many different facilities from around the country.

Human trafficking is a challenge that NATSO is helping to address. NATSO has allied with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to promote information to help our team members recognize those individuals that may be at risk. If you want additional information, contact Tiffany Wlazlowski Neuman, vice president of public affairs for NATSO, at (703) 739-8578 or twlazlowski@natso.com.

NATSO Connect 2020 is fast approaching. February 6–9 are the dates for this great event. We are going to one of the country’s most beautiful winter wonderlands—Colorado. The Gaylord Rockies Resort and Convention Center in Denver is the site for NATSO Connect 2020. We will have some of the nation’s experts speaking on a variety of subjects. Subjects discussed have to include the upcoming national elections. Which candidate will be poised to challenge Trump? What will the forecasters tell us? Vendors will be there to answer questions about emerging trends.

Thank you for being a member of NATSO. Your membership allows NATSO to direct it’s energy to advocate for issues or against issues that are critical to our successful operations. Lisa Mullings, NATSO’s CEO and president, and her staff are ready and willing to advocate for NATSO.

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