Truckstop and Travel Plaza Employees Perform Exceptional Acts

Truckstop and travel plaza employees are always going above and beyond the call of duty for their customers. Share a story of then one of your employees performed an exceptional act of kindness or courtesy.

Truckstop and travel plaza employees are always going above and beyond the call of duty for their customers. Share a story of when one of your employees performed an exceptional act of kindness or courtesy.

waltmuralt.jpg "After enjoying sandwiches at Wheat Montana Bakery & Deli at Muralt’s Travel Plaza, an elderly couple accidentally left behind a precious sterling silver money clip. Their grandson had given it to his grandfather as a special memento and had it engraved “Grandpa.” Jamie Black who is the store manager found the clip underneath the table where the couple had been sitting and attempted to locate them within Muralt’s. Not finding them, she began the search via phone. She knew they where from Spokane, Wash., as they had referenced that during a previous conversation while paying, and she had the name from their credit card receipt. After many phone calls to the wrong people who had similar last names and lived in Spokane, she was able to speak to one very happy grandpa and share her discovery. A letter of appreciation was sent to Muralt’s for a job done so exceptionally above and beyond.”
- Walt Muralt, Muralt’s Travel Plaza


Becky.jpg "Cheryl Barney is a team member at L. W. Miller’s location in Perry, Utah. Recently Cheryl noticed a customer struggling outside near the fuel pumps trying to reach under her vehicle. The customer was disabled and without having to be asked, Cheryl immediately went to her aid. Cheryl discovered that the customer had locked her keys in her car but had an extra set within a magnetic key holder underneath the vehicle. Not concerned about how wet and dirty the ground was, Cheryl went to the ground, reached underneath the vehicle and retrieved the key. With the door unlocked, and the regular keys in the hands of the customer, Cheryl even placed the extra key back within the magnetic key holder underneath the vehicle. She definitely went beyond the call of duty. The customer returned a few days later to tell us how appreciative she was for this act of kindness, and to commend Cheryl for her actions.”
- Becky Alexander, L. W. Miller’s


Keith-Wade-copy.jpg "Petro Dodge City is the newest Petro Franchise in the network and we are in a growing and building mode. The most important building block we have is trust with our new customers. Several months ago we had a professional driver eat in our Driver’s Area of the Iron Skillet and in haste he left his wallet. Samantha Anders was his server and took care of him as she does with all that eat in her section daily. She noticed the wallet had been left and immediately gave it to our Iron Skillet GM (Kenneth Cook). The wallet was soon returned to the driver with over $1,000 in cash still in it. He was elated and needless to say, Samantha was given a pretty good tip. I have now been in this industry for 20 years and it is easy to tell that Petro Dodge City is creating something special...”
- Keith Wade, Petro Dodge City


Nominate a Truckstop Superhero
TruckStopSuperheroLogo100.jpgThe travel plaza and truckstop industry serves as the concierge of the highway, providing safe, thoughtful and courteous hospitality to both truck drivers and four-wheel traffic. This hospitality frequently results in truckstop and travel plaza employees performing exceptional acts of kindness or courtesy, like the examples above. However, their heroic acts are seldom shared outside of their location. When you know of, witness, or experience an exceptional act of kindness or courtesy by a travel plaza or truckstop employee, please take the time to fill out and submit this Truckstop Superhero Nomination Form. Your nomination will help us publically recognize the industry employee for their act and help the individual employee take pride in their profession.



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