NATSO Welcomes Smooth Commerce as a Partner in Providing Mobile App and Web Ordering

Smooth Commerce provides travel centers with a customizable platform that allows customers to order ahead for pickup and delivery.
 NATSO Welcomes Smooth Commerce as a Partner in Providing Mobile App and Web Ordering

NATSO is excited to announce a new partnership with Smooth Commerce — a leading branded mobile app and web ordering provider. Smooth Commerce provides truckstop and travel center operators with a customizable platform that allows customers to order ahead for pickup and delivery, pay, earn loyalty and more.

Through this new partnership, NATSO members will receive a significant cost reduction on upfront app design and setup fees.

Smooth Commerce’s digital platform will allow truckstops and travel centers to increase customers transactions and basket size, while providing valuable loyalty and engagement tools that increase customer satisfaction and drive sales.

"The habits consumers pick up now will continue to be habits after the pandemic has passed," said NATSO Vice President of Business Development Pamela Hayes. "Smooth Commerce’s platform allows truckstop and travel centers operators to thrive in the complicated world of mobile ordering and delivery now and into the future."

“We are excited to be launching this partnership with NATSO and for the opportunity to bring our innovative mobile commerce and engagement platform to truckstop operators across the U.S. in a cost-effective way,” said Brian Deck, CEO of Smooth Commerce. “By leveraging our solution for digital ordering, delivery and engagement, operators will be able adapt to evolving customer needs and continue to build their business.”

“Travel centers have always been extraordinarily responsive to their customers, and the COVID pamdemic has changed how their customers want to buy food,” said NATSO Vice President of Public Affairs Tiffany Wlazlowski Neuman. “In just the last several months, thousands of locations have adopted curbside delivery, take-out dining and online ordering, and we expect many thousands more to follow. Smooth Commerce offers a platform to enable travel centers to make this transition, enhance food choices for America’s truck drivers while ensuring they have easy access to information about their food options as they crisscross the nation.”

Using Smooth Commerce’s platform, NATSO member operators will be able to:

  • Set themselves apart from the competition by offering speed-of-service in an industry dedicated to delivering food fast.
  • Increase profit margins by reducing customer reliance on third-party mobile ordering apps.
  • Boost basket size with the opportunity to sell non-foodservice items such as toilet paper, milk and much more.
  • Drive brand loyalty and revenue by providing users with a robust and enticing digital ordering solution.
  • Offer mobile ordering for pickup in-store and / or order for delivery to truck.
  • Provide personalized digital ordering experiences based on user demographics, dietary preferences, transaction history and more.

As a NATSO partner, Smooth Commerce will share industry knowledge and insight with NATSO’s members in a variety of ways, including webinars, on NATSO’s website and in Stop Watch magazine.

To learn more about Smooth Commerce’s exclusive offer for NATSO members, visit

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About Smooth Commerce
Smooth Commerce delivers a mobile commerce and engagement platform for restaurants, fuel retailers, sports teams and attractions. Operators leverage their comprehensive solution to provide a convenient digital customer experience. The platform powers white-label mobile apps and web ordering with payment, loyalty, ordering and direct marketing. Its powerful business tools provide valuable customer insights, improve engagement and operational efficiencies, and drive sales and profitability. For more information, visit  

Media Contact:
Tiffany Wlazlowski Neuman
Vice President, Public Affairs
Phone: (703) 739-8578

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