Let NATSO Help Solve Your Truckstop Business Problems

For more than 50 years, NATSO has focused on one thing: advancing the success of truckstop and travel plaza operators just like you.


For more than 50 years, NATSO has focused on one thing: advancing the success of truckstop and travel plaza operators just like you.

By achieving the industry's public policy goals and delivering solutions to travel plaza operators' very unique problems.


Problem: Processing payments is expensive.
NATSO Solutions:

  • NATSO members get reduced credit card processing rates through FirstData.
  • Only NATSO members can sign up for the Check-Link™ Check Verification Program to cut the risk and associated costs of bad checks.
  • Stay tuned! NATSO has an exciting new payment processing program in the works.

Problem: Good employees are hard to find, hire and train.
NATSO Solutions:

  • NATSO members receive a deeply discounted rate on NATSO’s Training Manual specifically designed to help train travel plaza employees.
  • NATSO provides human resources best practice webinars as well as articles in Stop Watch magazine and on NATSO’s blog.
  • NATSO members get discounts on recruiting and hiring help from CareerCo.
  • Members also receive reduced rates for FASTPORT’s assistance with hiring military personnel.

Problem: You need new ways to solve operational problems, but you don't have resources to waste on ideas that don't work.
NATSO Solutions:

  • Discounted registration for attending The NATSO Show, where travel plaza operators share “Great Ideas” that have actually worked at real truckstops.
  • Deep discounts on NATSO Foundation Study Tours where best-in-class retailers show visitors exactly how their truckstop is solving everyday problems.
  • Only NATSO members can work with retail expert Darren Schulte, who has over 25 years of travel plaza industry experience, to fine tune operations to improve revenues and profitability.

Problem: It's tough to find business intelligence that's relevant to truckstops and even harder to apply it.
NATSO Solutions:

  • Special alerts from NATSO’s regulatory counsel provide an early warning and analysis of government action that will affect travel plazas like yours.
  • Biz Brief e-newsletter identifies the business trends that are specifically relevant to travel plazas.
  • Stop Watch magazine provides in-depth articles on ways you can improve operations.
  • Only NATSO members can attend our Fall Leadership Meeting where top travel plaza executives brainstorm responses to trends that are changing the industry.

Problem: You can't find supplier partners who understand travel plazas' unique needs.
NATSO Solutions:

  • Access to NATSO Chairman’s Circle members and allied members who have shown their commitment to the industry by joining NATSO.
  • Time to meet with more than 100 vendors on the show floor during The NATSO Show.
  • Points to Partners Inc. has joined with NATSO to offer a customized loyalty program specifically designed for travel plazas and truckstops.
  • Allied Brand Capital has designed underground storage tank and franchise financing programs exclusively for NATSO members.

Problem: Policymakers in Washington, D.C. don't always know how their decisions could threaten your business.
NATSO Solutions:
NATSO leads and builds coalitions to promote our industry’s position on: 

  1. Sustainable funding for roads.
  2. Tolling existing Interstates.
  3. Commercializing rest areas. 
  4. Truck parking.
  5. Fuels issues, such as underground storage tanks, the renewable fuels standard and the biodiesel tax credit.



serves as NATSO's manager of travel plaza member services.  She provides customer service and support to travel plaza and Check-Link customers.

How to Contact Kimberly:  (703)739-8573  kroberts@natso.com

Kimberly's Favorite Thing About Working with NATSO Members: My favorite thing about working with NATSO members is that they are so passionate about their business, so creative, energetic and willing to give and receive ideas. It's a pleasure to work with them.

As the vice president of membership at NATSO, DARREN SCHULTE directs recruitment, retention and customer service to travel plaza members. He travels extensively and is always eager to visit with membersand share his insights into the industry.

How to Contact Darren:  (915) 526-5820  dschulte@natso.com

Darren's Favorite Thing About Working with NATSO Members: NATSO members care so much about their small communities and their core customer, the truck driver. It is amazing to witness in person just how much our organization's members work towards participating, encouraging and deeply appreciating these two stalwarts of America.

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