Great Ideas from Sapp Bros.

As the editor of Stop Watch, I attended the tour to gather the locations’ best ideas to share with Stop Watch readers. The first day of the tour was spent at two Sapp Bros.’ locations, which I’ll share about.
Great Ideas from Sapp Bros.

On September 16–17, 2015 more than 30 travel plaza and truckstop operators and NATSO Chairman’s Circle members came together in Omaha, Nebraska, for NATSO’s 2015 Domestic Study Tour.



Photo Credit: Jules Clifford/NATSO

The two-day workshop provided NATSO members with an opportunity to tour best-in-class retail locations, gather ideas during presentations by successful truckstop operators, and network with other truckstop and travel plaza operators in attendance. September’s attendees toured and learned from Sapp Bros. Travel Center locations, Shoemaker’s Travel Plaza and Boss Shops truck service centers.

Ten Great Ideas From Sapp Bros.

  1. CLEAN BATHROOMS. Sapp Bros. has a companywide strategy to have very clean and modern bathrooms. They have a button outside the restrooms to push if the bathroom is not in satisfactory condition. If a customer pushes the button, a light illuminates at the fuel desk. The women’s restrooms have bidets and there are TVs behind the mirrors in the men’s bathrooms.
  2. WALK-THE-STORE CHECKLISTS. They extend this focus on cleanliness to the outside and inside of the store. They do this because women weigh in heavily to determine where families stop and cleanliness is a big factor in their decision. Fulfilling the brand promise of excellence in cleanliness costs a lot of money and takes a big commitment. The managers are required to the walk their store daily following their “Walk the Store” checklist. They take pictures of any problems and delegate out the issues. They find taking a picture is very helpful as it is hard to argue with a picture. Each month each location performs its own full “Walk the Store.” Every quarter management visits each location to do a “Walk the Store” and they give the stores a score. Those monthly scores are combined for a yearly contest. The winners receive a trophy and bonuses...

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