FireLake Grand Travel Plaza Caters to Its Customers

FireLake Grand Travel Plaza in Shawnee, Oklahoma, excels in service, and the management makes sure they take care of their customers.

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FireLake Grand TP-CustomersShoppingJI.jpg

FireLake Grand Travel Plaza in Shawnee, Oklahoma, excels in service, and the management makes sure they take care of their customers. 

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One thing that stands out about this location is how they differentiate between and understand their different customer types. They are not afraid to offer multiple food options because they know different customers want different things. 

FireLake Grand TP-Subway-CustomersJI.jpg

FireLake Grand TP-FriedChickenJI.jpg

They have a Subway, and their diner/deli that sells hamburgers and fried foods. Like a lot of NATSO members, they find customers are drawn to food from the diner.

FireLake Grand TP-PrairieCityDonutHolesJI.jpg

FireLake Grand TP-BananaPuddingJI.jpg

FireLake does a nice job with its proprietary, in-house food offerings, and give foods a fresh, hand-crafted appearance. They take a lot of products, such as puddings and donuts, in the back to make them their own and before putting them in cases. The extra step emphasizes that the food is fresh and makes it more appealing to customers. 

FireLake Grand TP-CoffeeHouseJI.jpg

They also have a good coffee program with multiple options, which appeals to different types of coffee drinkers.  

FireLake Grand TP-Exterior&ParkingLotJI.jpg

The front of the store is very, very simple even though there is a lot going on in inside the location. It is not overly cluttered and the restrooms are clean, which is so important in our industry. The location is unbranded and does a lot of diesel business. 

FireLake Grand TP-CasinoSignJI.jpg

FireLake is part of the Potawatomi Nation and has a huge, gorgeous casino in the back that offers drivers a unique opportunity to relax and be entertained. The casino also has a lot of food options for the drivers and traveling public 

FireLake Grand TP-InsideofLocationJI.jpg

The location is a prime example of optimizing space, providing the right mix of food offerings and catering to your customers. 

FireLake Grand TP-Grab-N-GoCase-SeatingJI.jpg

FireLake Grand TP-Fry Bread Taco-PostOfficeSignJI.jpg

FireLake Grand TP-Frontof BldgJI.jpg

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Photos Credit: Darren Schulte/NATSO

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