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Six Ways Truckstops Still Transitioning to EMV Readers Can Mitigate Their Risk

Six Ways Truckstops Still Transitioning to EMV Readers Can Mitigate Their Risk

There are several things those who have not yet installed updated equipment or retrofitted existing equipment can do now to protect themselves. More

Mobile App and Web Ordering at Truckstops and Travel Centers with Smooth Commerce [Podcast]

Mobile App and Web Ordering at Truckstops and Travel Centers with Smooth Commerce [Podcast]

Truckstop and travel center customers want to order ahead for pick-up and delivery at your location. This episode with Smooth Commerce will help you better understand why and how to offer it. More

Visa Announces EMV Deadline Delay

Visa Announces EMV Deadline Delay

Visa announced today that it will delay the Oct. 1 deadline for the installation of EMV readers at fuel dispenser stations. Visa’s deadline has been extended to Apr. 17, 2021. More

Coffee Cup Travel Plaza Adds Digital Pricing, Self Checkout and More

Tom Heinz, owner and CEO of Coffee Cup Fuel Stops, worked with Paragon Solutions on the remodel, which started in the fall of 2016 and finished in the fall of 2018. More

Uncovering Consumer Trends: Experience Rises to the Top

For today’s shoppers, having an experience is a major factor that helps them determine when and where to shop, and a growing number of businesses are tapping into the trend. Target is combining shopping with relaxation, offering customers in some areas a glass of wine while they shop. Umpquah Bank focuses on its neighborhood feel by offering up community space for local groups, featuring local artwork and brewing up fresh cups of its specialty coffee. More

Understanding the EMV Shift for In-Store and Fuel Island Transactions at The NATSO Show

For merchants, including truckstop and travel plaza operators, complying with the EMV shift—the move to align credit and debit cards in the United States with proprietary chip technology—is extremely complex and expensive. However, merchants have to adopt EMV-compliant devices or assume the liability for fraudulent transactions. More

Coin: The Other Black Card

I'd like to introduce you to Coin -- the first universal credit card in the U.S. This is the other black card -- one that stores multiple credit and loyalty cards in conjunction with a user's smart phone. With the push of a button, the user can swap from their Visa to their Amex and to their loyalty card for your business with another push. There are very few better examples of modern technology integrating into everyday must carry items with the promise of making life just a little bit easier. More

Know Your Truckstop’s Traffic

You need to start understanding your online traffic to understand your customer better and how to reach them. I was working with a member who wanted to use his website to reach more truck drivers. That sounded great, but there was a problem: when I looked at his website’s analytics (performance metrics), I found that his online customer is most likely not a truck driver. More

Before Purchasing New Technology, Use What You Have

Technology is such an important word in our culture today, and we often think more and better technology is the solution to whatever challenge we’re facing. During my visits with truckstop and travel plaza operators, many of them tell me they’re thinking of investing in new technology. I always like to dig a little deeper into why. More

Is It Worth “Switching” To EMV At My Truckstop?

Today is the deadline. What should I do? Is it worth “switching” to EMV at my truckstop? More

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