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Join Me Abroad to Take in New Great Ideas and the Latest Innovations

I am a strong advocate for learning all we can from those around us, and I would love for NATSO members to join me in June at the NACS Convenience Summit Europe. Along with retailers from around the world, I’ll be working my way through London and Amsterdam and will gather ideas and trends to share with truckstop and travel plaza operators when I return. The tours, which are led by convenience industry experts, are designed to provide a closer look into retail operations and solutions and a deep dive into discussion-based learning. More

4 Best Practices for Long-Term Truckstop Hiring Success

Truckstops and travel plaza facilities create unique challenges for those who manage them. Unlike many businesses, most truckstops and travel plazas are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and managers must work hard to keep the facility adequately staffed at all times. A location’s team players are the first and last line of contact for customers in a truckstop and travel plaza, so hiring and training the right team players can significantly affect the profitability of the business. With proper orientation and training, operators can ensure from the very beginning that their team players will succeed. Here are four tips for long-term hiring success. More

New York Times Letter Highlights Truckstop Industry Role in Combating Human Trafficking

Truckers Against Trafficking underscored the critical role that truckstops and travel centers play in the fight against human trafficking in a recent Letter to the Editor published in the New York Times. More

How to Use Billboards to Drive Your Travel Center's Profits Up

Next time you drive down the Interstate to your facility, look at your signage from the point-of-view of a customer who is visiting for the very first time. Signage is a crucial piece of your business as it serves as an invitation for a customer to stop into your site versus your competitors’ sites! Interstate billboards give you exposure to large numbers of travelers every day and night. I believe that this is one of the most effective forms of advertising. Billboard Pricing and ROI Billboards range in price. Small non-illuminated units may cost $150 to $350 per month. Large illuminated billboards can range from $1,500 to $4,000 per month or more depending on traffic counts and several other factors such as the number of units available in the market, demand for those units and if it is a left- or right-hand read... More

NATSO Foundation Invites Truckstops to Missouri Anti-Human Trafficking Meeting

The NATSO Foundation is inviting NATSO members to join the Office of the Missouri Attorney General, the Missouri Trucking Association, Missouri Department of Transportation, Missouri State Highway Patrol and Truckers Against Trafficking April 23 for a regional meeting in Sedalia, Mo., aimed at coordinating ways to fight human trafficking within the state. More

NATSO Foundation Invites Truckstops to Louisiana Anti-Human Trafficking Meeting

The NATSO Foundation is inviting NATSO members to join the Office of the Louisiana Attorney General, the Louisiana Trucking Association and Truckers Against Trafficking March 20 for a regional meeting in Baton Rouge on combating human trafficking. More

NATSO Discusses Combating Human Trafficking with Midnight Trucking Radio

NATSO Vice President of Public Affairs Tiffany Wlazlowski Neuman recently highlighted the truckstop and travel plaza industry's fight to combat human trafficking during a recent interview on Midnight Trucking Radio. More

Five Retail Trends Your Truckstop Should Be Adapting to and Exercises to Explore Them

In preparation for NATSO Connect, I took a fresh look at the trends influencing the industry. Truckstops and travel plazas should be adapting to each of these trends. Number 1: Rise of Experiential Retail According to the article, “The old model of in-store (and even online) retail strictly focused on products being sold. However, consumers have slowly but surely been moving away from strictly shopping for products, instead seeking a more engaging experience”. The trend was originally driven by younger consumers and their preference for experiences over price and product, however that no longer just the case. Young and old are less likely to spend money in places where the experience is poor regardless of how great the prices are. There is a growing feeling that my money is worth something and if I plan on spending it better be a worthwhile experience. “Even so, simply remodeling a store isn’t enough,” the article continues. Nearly 5,000 stores closed in 2018 and some experts believe another 4,000 are expected to close their doors in 2019, and “the brands that do survive will have done so by creating engrossing experiences”. What Should You Do: Get a pencil and pad of paper. Identify your three busiest diesel fuel gallon times and days. Schedule an extra employee on these days. Create a mini menu for breakfast and lunch of grab-n-go foods. During these identified times, the extra employee armed with proper safety gear should ask drivers while they are fueling if they can get them anything to eat and drink such as a breakfast burrito and coffee and or a PBJ with chips and milk. This will create a positive experience. More

Appeal to Your Truckstop Customers From Abroad

Appeal to Your Truckstop Customers From Abroad Members Only Join or Login

As ethnic populations continue to grow, demand for cultural foods at truckstops will continue to increase. More

Truckstop Advice: How to Work with Local Government on Exit Closing & Road Changes

Truckstop Advice: How to Work with Local Government on Exit Closing & Road Changes Members Only Join or Login

Highway repairs and road closures are often an inconvenience, but for truckstop and travel plaza operators, traffic detours or delays can result in a significant decrease in revenue. What’s more, changes to exits or traffic patterns can create long-term disruptions that can leave businesses at a permanent disadvantage. There are several steps operators can take to make the process easier, said David Fialkov, vice president of government relations and legislative and regulatory counsel for NATSO. “One thing you should always do is introduce yourself and get to know the local project manager who is going to be overseeing the operation and make sure that you get well acquainted with him or her,” he said. “That individual is the type of person who can make your life better or worse depending on the degree he or she agrees with you.” More

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