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Four Great Ideas from The NATSO Show

During Great Ideas! Session for Independent Operators at The NATSO Show, truckstop and travel plaza owners and managers came together to discuss the successful things they are doing. Here are four great ideas operators shared with their peers: More

Six More Ways to Turn Your Truckstop Into a Treasure Truck of Sales

Last month, I shared Five Ways to Turn Your Truckstop Into a Treasure Truck of Sales. Today I am back with five more. More

Checklist for Truckstop Team Building

There is a need to achieve, belong and contribute, but ensuring employees feel like part of the team takes work. Follow these steps to help engage your staff. More

Great Ideas in Action at Donna's Travel Center

In 2013, Donna’s Travel Center in Marysville, Washington, added a Coca-Cola Freestyle machine that allows customers to choose from more than 40 Coca-Cola products to create their own special drink. More

Five Ways to Turn Your Truckstop Into a Treasure Truck of Sales

As the world gets smaller and time more fleeting, competition for our customers flat to shrinking available spend is growing. Let’s take advantage of our lots, our space to energize our locations. Let’s get back to becoming destinations of the local and traveling public. First identify day of the week where you can capitalize on your traffic counts such as the weekend buying frenzying that is typical retail and then GET CREATIVE with your sales. Here are some ideas to you started. More

Three Examples of How to Offer The Personal Touch at Your Truckstop

I shared with the reporter the story of doing a quick survey at a NATSO member location to help the owner determine why truck drivers were stopping at his location. In this instance, the member thought the main reason drivers were stopping at his location was the price of their fuel. However, the reason was the friendliness of their staff. I think a lot of our independent members who are putting a priority on providing the personal touch would get the same survey results. Here are a few ideas on providing the personal touch at your truckstop. More

10 Things To Make Your Truckstop Customer Comfortable

In an industry known for its hospitality, customer service is key. That starts even before the customer walks in the door. Here are ten areas to examine to ensure your customer is comfortable. More

12 Daily Tasks To Control Your Truckstop's Shrink

Shrink is a part of doing business, so business owners have to take steps daily to control it. Here are twelve daily actions you can take to help minimize losses. More

Great Ideas in Action at Petro Fargo Truckstop

This brand translates into not just a better shopping experience, but also a strong employee base that is proud of its high quality employer. More

Great Ideas In Food Service From Independent Truckstop Operators

I’ve written about it many times, but it bears repeating, “Food service is becoming a more and more important component of the overall sales at truckstops and travel plazas.” Today’s customers are demanding greater quality and convenience in the food they purchase and smart operators are capitalizing on this demand. Here are just a few of the great ideas in food service I’ve seen recently. More