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Finding and Fostering Great Ideas with NATSO 2

As both consumers and business owners and many of us have seen that the pace of change is accelerating. Technology is changing, the retail experience is changing and our customers are changing. That means we must observe the trends and innovate to remain relevant. Finding and applying great ideas has become so important, especially as our pool of competitors has grown. We’re not just competing with other truckstops for both customers and staff, we’re competing with every retail outlet. More

Highlights from NATSO Connect 2018

At NATSO Connect 2018, hundreds of innovative, senior-level truckstop operators and industry partners came together to connect. For two-and-a-half days, this collaborative group More

Berkstresser Honored with NATSO Hall of Fame Award

When Bobby Berkstresser got started in the truckstop industry 36 years ago, he had never pumped fuel before and hadn’t planned to become one of the largest employers in his town. Instead, he was looking for a garage for his towing service. The owner of Lee Hi was getting ready to close the location and called and asked Berkstresser if he’d like to buy it. More

Guthrie Travel Center Uses Movable Placards for Signage Excellence

If you look over Guthrie Travel Center in Guthrie, Oklahoma, from left to right—from the cooler to the coffee area—you’d see they’ve done a nice job highlighting their offerings with signage and that includes the movable placards over their coolers. More

Key Customer Considerations at Your Truckstop

What I continue to be amazed by is the need for our industry to differentiate itself from one another. Too often in the areas of food, truck supply, and convenience we replicate what the other person down the street is doing rather than figuring out exactly who are our customers is and why are they pulling in from the street. We all certainly agree that fuel price plays the biggest draw but from that point on, are there other reasons and do you understand those reasons? Furthermore, are you capitalizing on them? More

Boost Sales, Build a Brand and Grow Traffic with a Remodel Members Only Join or Login

About two years ago Mike Sibley, president of LaPlace Travel Center, had to remodel the Huddle House restaurant at his location as part of his contract. Following the restaurant renovation, the location saw a 15 to 20 percent sustained increase in sales, which made him realize what a worthwhile investment a remodel or renovation can be. More

Spur Impulse Buys with the Right Product Placement and Mix at Your Truckstop

Everyone is starved for times these days, but customers at truckstops and travel plazas are in even more of a hurry than most. They are looking to get in and out of the location quickly and aren’t hanging around to shop. That means last-minute purchases are a key component of truckstop and travel plaza sales. There are several ways store operators can drive impulse buys. More

Creativity and Innovation Lead the Way at Mach 1

At Mach 1 innovation is key, and Alan Meyer, chief operations officer for the company, said he is always willing to try something new, even if it ultimately fails. More

Great Things are Happening at Travel Centers: From Unique Offerings to Strong Signage

One of the top benefits of being a NATSO member is the huge amount of peer-to-peer learning that takes place throughout the year. With that learning goal in mind, NATSO's blog is full of great ideas and best practices provided directly from truckstops and travel centers. No matter what solution you’re looking for, the odds are, someone has faced a similar challenge or shared a solution. Here are some of the great ideas in action at NATSO member locations across the country. More

Truckstop Operators Fill The Room with Great Ideas at NATSO's Conference

The sharing took place during the Great Ideas! for Independent Operators Workshop during The NATSO Show 2017, and operators tackled everything from food service to point-of-sale technology. More

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