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Innovation at Fontana Truck Stop Center

Located in one of the most popular trucking corridors in the U.S., Fontana Truck Stop Center is primed for success. More

Best of Darren's 2014 Great Ideas for Independent Operators

Let's take a look back at the most popular Great Ideas for Independent Operators blog posts of 2015. More

Five Ways to Show Your Truckstop Employees Your Thanks

In honor of Thanksgiving, here are five ways to show your employees your thanks. More

Part II: Steps to Prevent the Sale of Alcohol and Tobacco to Minors

Today we’re going to look at similar procedures that can prevent the sale of tobacco to underage consumers. As I said, retailers who violate the law and sell these products to minors can face tens of thousands of dollars in lost sales, fines, embarrassment within the local community and significant costs in lost employees. Here are eleven steps to help prevent tobacco sales to minors. More

Ten Ways to Increase Your ROI at Networking Events

All opportunities come from people, and networking is one of the best ways business owners can discover new contacts, increase their knowledge and find new opportunities. While everyone seems to under¬stand the power of relationships both in business and their personal lives, the topic of networking continues to be confusing and complicated. More

Teamwork is the Key to Fourth Quarter Success

The fourth quarter is upon us. For most of us in the travel plaza and truckstop world, if history repeats itself, we will see a significant increase in fuel gallons and inside sales as we gear up for the holiday and winter season. As part of any successful operation, teamwork will play a critical role in executing a successful run this fourth quarter. More

CSP Taps into NATSO Data

A new infographic from CSP Magazine provides a helpful, at-a-glance insight into the truckstop industry and much of the information came from NATSO. More

Steps to Prevent the Sale of Alcohol and Tobacco to Minors at Your Truckstop

During our most recent NATSO Show Bonus Workshop, I received several questions about tobacco and alcohol sales sold to under age consumers. If not handled correctly, these two areas can cost truckstop/travel center retailers tens of thousands of dollars in lost sales, embarrassment within the local community and significant costs in lost employees. However, there are some simple steps your operation should be taking to avoid selling these products to under age consumers. We’ll look at those procedures as part of a two-part series. More

Creative, Quality Sandwiches are the Key to Boosting Sales

Sandwich consumption is on the rise, with today’s consumers eating more than three sandwiches per week. The problem with sandwiches, however, is that many people simply make them at home. A study by the research firm Technomic showed that 54 percent of consumers, up from 51 percent two years ago, are preparing sandwiches themselves. More

Stop Now And Ask Yourself These Twenty Vendor Check-In Questions

I recently had the pleasure of attending one of our members’ manager’s meeting. I was really impressed by what the organization is doing to take care of each and every customer who enters their property. The focus on the customer through the execution of basic guest service fundamentals was awesome. Conversations at the meeting reminded me of the importance of a solid vendor check-in procedure. I think many locations struggle with this. In the NATSO Truckstop and Travel Plaza Training Manual we spell out the entire vendor check in procedure. For those of you that have yet to purchase it, I thought it was worthwhile to pose some vendor check-in related questions for you to consider. More

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