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Work Injury – Is Offering Over-The-Counter (OTC) Medication A Risk For Business?

Today Federated Insurance is sharing one of our “HR Questions of the Month” regarding employment-related practices liability issues. Question: An employee was stung by bees while working outside. The employee refused medical treatment, and the company submitted the workers’ compensation claim as first aid only. The employee was given the rest of the day off with pay, and offered modified duty until they felt ready to go back. The employee went back to work the next day with no problem. Could the company have recommended that the employee take an antihistamine? Since medical treatment was refused, all the company had available was OTC/first aid. More

Driving the Fight Against Human Trafficking

When industry works together, we can make a difference in the fight against human trafficking. That was the message on Sept. 1 in San Antonio, Texas, where I had the opportunity to participate in a press conference hosted by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton to announce that Texas law enforcement, the trucking industry and truckstops are coordinating ways to combat human trafficking within the state. The press conference kicked off a meeting designed to educate participants about human trafficking as well as to provide a forum to discuss regional human trafficking trends. More than 60 members of the law enforcement, trucking and truckstop communities participated in the event. More

See What The NATSO Show is About [Video]

Watch a video to see what The NATSO Show is about. More

Five Things Rep. Denham Learned During His Visit to a Truckstop

When Rep. Jeff Denham (R-Calif.) visited Joe’s Travel Plaza in Westley, California, he got a behind-the-scenes look at the location’s operations and walked away with greater insight into the industry. During the visit, Kashmir Dhoot, the location’s owner, and David Fialkov, NATSO’s vice president of government affairs, talked with Rep. Denham and took him on a tour of the location. Here are five things the congressman learned during the visit... More

Ten Reasons to Attend The NATSO Show [Infographic]

Learn 10 reasons truckstop and travel plaza owners, managers, buyers and staff who want to increase their industry knowledge, grow their business contacts and buy new products should attend The NATSO Show! More

Who Brings the Truckstop Industry Pride?

The NATSO Foundation is accepting nominations for the 2017 NATSO Hall of Fame award until this Friday, August 12, 2016. Formerly the Distinguished Member award, the NATSO Hall of Fame award recognizes current or past NATSO members whose participation in their communities, the industry and our association brings honor to and serves as a source of pride for the travel plaza and truckstop industry... More

Compliance Corner: Menu Labeling Requirements Take Effect Next Year

Beginning in May 2017, chain restaurants and “similar retail food establishments,” including many convenience stores operated by truckstop owners and operators, will be required to post calories for prepared food items they sell. The menu labeling rule applies to any retail establishment with 20 or more locations, including franchises, operating under the same name, offering for sale substantially the same menu items, that sells food that is intended for consumption soon after being purchased. More

How to Host a Lawmaker at Your Truckstop

Decisions are made on Capitol Hill, but lawmakers’ votes are largely influenced by what they learn from their constituents when they are back home in their districts. That is why the August recess period is the perfect time for NATSO members to host their elected officials at their locations and give lawmakers an up-close look at the important role truckstops and travel plazas play in their communities. More

Truckstops Pledge to Train 31,000 Employees to Help People

July marks the six-month anniversary since the NATSO Foundation launched its online training course designed to help the travel plaza and truckstop community identify and respond to suspected cases of human trafficking. In just a few short months, the industry has made significant strides in implementing this important training tool titled, “The Role of Truckstops in Combating Human Trafficking.” Since unveiling the course at The NATSO Show, the industry has pledged to train more than 31,000 employees. And that number continues to grow each week... More

NATSO's Domestic Study Tour Visits Fairfield BP

September 14 - 15, 2016 the NATSO Foundation is taking truckstop operators to Lexington, Va. to tour best-in-class truckstops during NATSO's Domestic Study Tour. Study Tour attendees will tour Fairfield BP in Fairfield, Virginia along with White's Travel Center and Lee Hi Travel Plaza. Since Bobby Berkstresser bought the location, the c-store's inside store sales have increased over 100% and fuel sales are up 30%. More

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