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Upcoming “EMV Shift” – What Truckstop & Travel Plaza Operators Should Know Members Only Join or Login

Recent data breaches have brought the issue of data security to the top of many merchants’ radar screens. In particular, NATSO has received a number of questions from truckstop owners and operators regarding the October 1, 2015 “EMV Shift” – this refers to Visa and MasterCard’s plans to begin aligning credit and debit cards in the United States with those companies’ proprietary chip technology. This article answers to some of the key questions regarding this important topic. More

Judge Throws Out Amex Settlement With Merchants

A federal judge rejected a settlement between American Express and merchants over credit card fees after discovering that the merchants' lawyer inappropriately communicated privileged details of the case with an attorney for MasterCard. The decision, which could have ripple effects for another settlement agreement between many of the same merchants and MasterCard and Visa, means that the merchants and Amex will have to renegotiate the deal or possibly go to trial. More

AmEx Seeks Emergency Stay of Anti-Trust Order

American Express on May 26 filed an emergency request with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit to pause an injunction that bars the company from prohibiting merchants from steering customers toward a particular card or payment method. More

California Surcharge Ban Ruled Unconstitutional

A federal judge ruled March 26 that a California law banning retailers from charging customers a surcharge on credit card purchases is unconstitutional because it is too vague and violates the First Amendment right of free speech, has reported. More

Supreme Court Denies Swipe Fee Appeal

The U.S. Supreme Court on Jan. 20 declined to hear a challenge to the Federal Reserve’s rule over transaction fees that retailers are forced to charge customers when they swipe a debit card. More

Sen. Durbin Asks Supreme Court to Review Debit Fee Case

Senator Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) has weighed in with the U.S. Supreme Court, arguing that the Federal Reserve's rule on the debit "swipe fee" failed to follow the law, according to published reports. More

Retailers Petition Supreme Court to Hear Swipe Fee Ruling

The legal challenge over the transaction fees that retailers are forced to charge customers when they swipe a debit card moved one step closer to the Supreme Court Aug. 18, when retail and merchant groups petitioned the nation’s highest court to hear the case. More

Retailers Set to Ask Supreme Court to Hear Swipe Fee Case

The legal challenge over transaction fees that retailers are forced to charge customers when they swipe a debit card could head to the Supreme Court, after the National Retail Federation said it plans to petition the nation’s highest court to hear the case. More

Court Upholds Interchange Fees; Disappoints Retailers

A U.S. Appeals Court on March 21 upheld the Federal Reserve's rules governing debit card interchange fees, dealing a major blow to retailers who have fought to reduce the transaction fees they are charged when customers swipe a debit card. The ruling reverses a lower court’s decision last year that the Federal Reserve had set the cap on debit card transactions too high. More

Take Advantage of a Merchant Account Analysis at The NATSO Show

Payment processing fees take a big bite out of your profits, but since 2005, NATSO members have saved tens of thousands of dollars annually through NATSO's First Data program. More

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