Joe Ceravalo

Joe Ceravalo direct the Category Management and Inventory Management Team at DAS.  He is responsible for seeking, researching, developing, and purchasing new products and technology platforms within DAS for all channels of business including the travel center industry.

Ceravalo has been with DAS for four years.  Prior experience includes 20 plus years in retail working specifically in the consumer electronics industry with RadioShack, CompUSA, and Circuit City.  Past experience includes directing teams within product development, purchasing, marketing, supply chain management, strategic alliance management, and operations.

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Truckstop Trends in Consumer Electronics and General Merchandise

Like 2013, this year has been a continuation of many strong trends within both the consumer electronics and general merchandise industries. In consumer electronics, key growth categories has been portable navigation, wireless accessories/bluetooth, headphones, satellite radio/TV, and digital imaging. For general merchandise, key growth categories have been chemicals, clothing, and gloves. More

What is an Electronic Logging Device?

Although electronic logging devices (ELDs) will not be mandated until late 2015/early 2016, now is the time for travel plazas and truckstops to learn about this technology sure to have a big impact on our industry. Here are the high points that every travel plaza and truckstop operator and their front-of-house staff should know. More