Ginger Laidlaw

Ginger Laidlaw, Compliance Specialist, assists members of the truckstop and travel plaza community and other fuel retailers to navigate the complex compliance requirements of state and federal fuel regulations, including the RFS, Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) and Clean Fuels Program (CFP). Please contact Ginger if you need assistance registering with the EPA under the RFS, IRS, or have questions regarding state or federal regulations regarding alternative fuels.

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Biodiesel’s Blending Economics

Biodiesel’s Blending Economics

Blending biodiesel can provide economic benefits for truckstop and travel plazas, and many factors help determine the market dynamics. Myself and my colleagues at NATSO's Alternative Fuels Council presented a webinar digging into biodiesel's blending economics.  Watch a portion of our presentation on the blending economics of biodiesel. More