Alex Munoz

Alex Munoz serves as a Category Manager and Buyer for Road Ranger Travel Centers. Previously, he managed the truck supplies and general merchandise for the company and currently manages the snack and beverage categories. He graduated from Northern Illinois University with a B.A. in Marketing with an emphasis in Interactive Marketing. After graduating, he was recruited for an HR/Operations position for Kohl’s, which he managed for two years. He has worked for retail chains for twelve years.

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My Top Three Trends from NATSO’s Food and Fuel Tour

NATSO’s Food and Fuel Tour offered a field-level look at metro restaurants. As a participant in the study tour, I specifically took away insights on how these innovative foodservice operators are changing how they serve their customers based on millennials. Millennials are changing the norms of food and beverage consumption as we speak. Craft Brewing Business reports that 58% of the overall craft beer market is consumed by individuals 35 and younger. Additionally, millennials try 5.1 different craft beer brands per month. This shift in millennial taste preference has resulted in craft brew retail dollar growth of 10% over previous year, as well as craft beer now owning 21.9% share in the beer market. What does this mean for the truckstop and travel center industry? More