Economically and Environmentally Sustainable Travel Centers

NATSO and the NATSO Foundations Campaigns for Economically and Environmentally Sustainable Travel Centers channels private sector funds into year-round activities that support travel centers’ economic viability while helping advance the nation toward a sustainable future.

NATSO Foundation Campaign Focus: Educate

The NATSO Foundation’s campaign focuses on the education and insight highway fuel retailers need to be environmentally and economically sustainable.  The campaign looks forward to working with our sponsor partners to develop additional activities in the following areas, as funds become available:

  1. Convene off-highway fuel retailers, transportation energy producers, equipment manufacturers, policymakers and others to identify hurdles and opportunities for driving toward an environmentally and economically sustainable transportation sector.
  2. Fund the research and data off-highway fuel retailers need to know to determine where and when the nation’s trucking industry will require them to provide alternative energy technologies.
  3. Through awareness-raising, education, case studies, research and training activities, empower travel centers, particularly smaller, family-owned operations, to adopt operational approaches and innovative technologies that are both environmentally and economically sustainable.
  4. Educate suppliers about the travel center industry, assisting them in shaping sustainable products and solutions appropriate for industry members of all sizes.

2022 Focal Areas
This year NATSO is offering four webinars on the 2022 focus areas:

  • Electric vehicles charging, focusing on grants opportunities and equipment infrastructure
  • Hydrogen, providing insight on outlook
  • Energy Efficiency, provide resources, tools and insight on opportunities in energy efficiency such as LED lights, solar canopies and more.
  • Biodiesel, focusing on grant opportunities, equipment infrastructure, supply and state/local incentives


NATSO’s Sustainability Campaign Focus: Advocacy and Public Affairs

NATSO’s Sustainability Campaign advocates for government policies that are conducive to travel center investment in practices that are economically viable and environmentally sustainable.

2022 Activities:

  • Support coalitions and partnership that advocate for a level-playing field for highway fuel retailers to provide EV charging stations to professional drivers and the traveling public.
  • Equip NATSO members with the tools to advocate at the state level for policy and market reforms that align EV charging markets and incentives with fuel retailers' business model.

Thank You Sponsors

NATSO and The NATSO Foundations Campaigns for Economically and Environmentally Sustainable Travel Centers are generously sponsored by:


WANT TO BE A CAMPAIGN SPONSOR? There are limited number of sponsorship available for the campaign. Sponsorship details:

Donors at/above the $35k level will be:

  • Listed as Sustainability Campaign Founders.
  • Recognized on the Sustainability Campaign pages of the NATSO website.
  • Invited to speak and/or deliver an introduction in a campaign event.

Donors at/above the $15k level will be recognized as Sustainability Campaign Sponsors.

  • Invited to in-person NATSO Board of Directors meetings as observers.

All donors receive:

  • Year-Round Sponsor recognition on the EV Charging Funding pages of the NATSO website.
  • Sponsor recognition in all 2022 Webinars hosted by the Sustainability Campaign.
  • July 2022 Sponsor recognition in electronic newsletter.
  • Supplier donors receive special recognition by their listing in the NATSO Supplier Directory(ies).


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