NATSO Supplier Partners Offer COVID-19 Resources

On behalf of all NATSO members, we at NATSO would like to take a moment to thank our NATSO allied members for their part in supporting the nation during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our country can't stay on its feet without truckstops and travel centers, and truckstops and travel centers need strong supplier partners like NATSO allied members to help keep drivers fueled, fed, refreshed and on the road. These companies are truly an essential part of the nation’s response to this emergency.

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COVID-19 Supplies Including Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Temperature-Taking Kiosks, Technology and Disinfection Solutions

Apter Disinfectant Cleaner is proven to kill Covid-19, is approved by the EPA and is available through most major distributors.
Contact: Joseph DeLuca
Phone: (412) 999-8444

The Arcane Group offers a line of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) kits packaged for convenience while traveling and working. Our kits include individual hand sanitizer, alcohol antiseptic 80% topical solution ethyl-based, available in 1 use, 35 milliliter, 1oz. reusable, 2oz. spray, antiseptic wipes 75% iso alcohol single packs, 3-ply and N95 disposable masks. Each can also be purchased individually upon request. Our travel kits, made to help prevent Covid-19, are packaged in daily use and extended stay sizes.
Contact: Lisle Bowen
Phone: (954) 254-9803

The BTK Innovations Temperature-Taking Kiosk is a superior product and the right choice that is readily available for initiating your company's aggressive employee protection plan now. The easiest and most efficient way to find out if an employee or customer is sick is to take their temperature. The BTK Innovations Temperature-Taking Kiosk is the perfect solution for testing!
Contact: Harrell Downey
Phone: (850) 994-6221

To help NATSO members during the pandemic, BT Mack Technology Group has taken their expertise in IT services for travel plazas and developed a turnkey solution for quick and easy to go/delivery services at the pump. The Advanced Forecourt Communication System will keep your staff, your Drivers and Guests safe and healthy throughout the COVID recovery while keeping your revenue streams flowing.
Contact: Mason M. Powers
Phone: (385) 333-7272
Website: travel-plazas

During COVID-19 CAP Companies follows the latest safety protocols as we meet with clients and do the field work necessary to evaluate as well as estimate the competition and the site(s) potential.
Contact: Tom Stanford
Phone: (916) 786-2577

Cash Depot's Smart Card Reader Cleaning Wipe is designed to remove dirt, magnetic oxides, oils, lotions, and other contaminants from within your smart card readers. Our wipes clean chip and pin, EMV and mag stripe card readers including manual ATMs, POS terminals, hand-held POS devices, self-serve kiosks, mag stripe readers, transit/parking pay stations, vending machines, pay at the pump, time clocks and door locks. Convenient single-use, pre-saturated, disposable cards eliminate cross contamination to help prevent COVID-19 spread.
Contact: David Charles, Jr.
Phone: (920) 432-1918

Core-Mark offers a wide variety of cleaning, sanitization, and PPE products for store and personnel use, as well as retail items to help ensure everyone’s safety during these unprecedented times.
Contact: Mike Palelek
Phone: (509) 535-9768

Curzon Promotional Graphics has been providing professional signage programs and POP materials to regional and national companies for over 70 years.  During this time, Social Distancing has become an integral weapon of frontline defense.  Reduce the strain on the healthcare system by using Social Distancing signs.  Banners, pump toppers, floor decals, sandwich boards are just a few of the many things that can help you spread your message. 
Contact: Kirby Smith
Phone: (402) 393-2020

DAS Companies recently introduced its RoadPro Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) program to help customers stay safe and healthy.  The product offering includes a variety of hand sanitizers, sanitizing wipes, face masks and nitrile gloves. 
Contact: Gordon Price
Phone: (717) 507-0363

VitalSign Temperature Check Kiosk solution from Diversified is an all-in-one thermal sensor and commercial-grade tablet available in 3 sizes (10”, 15.6”, 21.5”).  Designed to ensure facility visitors exhibiting elevated body temperature are screened to prevent risk of exposure within your environment, VitalSign uses an advanced algorithm to detect and calculate heat signatures. Using German engineered components, the highly accurate sensor generates readings at +/- 0.5 degrees Fahrenheit within one second from between 18” – 36” away from the device. VitalSign provides visual and audible alerts when detecting temperatures above the acceptable range, offering a contactless FDA compliant solution. Add this extra layer of safety to your facilities today to protect what’s important tomorrow.
Contact: Brian Flint
Phone: (615) 515-3404

Double Coin Tire received an early designation from the federal government as a vital and necessary service to the trucking industry. In keeping our distribution centers open, an uninterrupted product supply chain process kept our truckstop network supplied with immediately available inventory at competitive prices.
Contact: Tim Abel
Phone: (615) 512-4393

With shelter in place orders lifting, an increase of drivers hitting the road for summer vacation is expected.  Additionally, as businesses open, the need for truckers to deliver essential goods will rise.  So when customers fuel up at your travel plaza/truckstop make sure to have Driver's Friend Energy Chews available for purchase. 
Contact: Stephanie Jankowitz
Phone: (201) 689-6082

Care Touch is founded on its namesake principle, CARE. The company prides itself on providing quality home medical supplies with the goal of helping everyone gain access to quality healthcare. We became a provider of Thermometers, Syringes, BPMs, Diabetes testing kits, and other items to some of the most vulnerable people whose best precaution was to stay home during the pandemic. Our efforts have allowed them to maintain that, and as an effect, we may have saved countless lives. We strive to champion the call for improved hygiene and healthcare solutions for all because it brings us things that matter most: health, time, and relationships. After all, the best defense is a touch of care.
Contact: Chris Carney
Phone: (610) 368- 0332

Just as we are taking preventative measures for our health, it is still important to utilize preventative maintenance for our vehicles.  Besides the FPPF Winter Arsenal of Total Power, Polar Power, Melt Down SOS, and ABC Air Brake Conditioner, we have 17 items that can be sold year ‘round to continue to profit from the sale of additives.  Visit our new FPPF website at to learn more about profiting from selling FPPF products – FPPF The Premium Additive Company.  
Contact: John R. Diggs
Phone: (716) 856-9607

Hi-Way proudly brings a competitive edge to the market continually providing growth and profitability to its business partners.  Offering more than 14,000 SKUs, including personal protective equipment/supplies, truck supply, entertainment, gift/novelty, souvenir, and apparel.  Hi-Way has continued leading the industry with innovation and meeting the demands our partners require.
Contact: Spencer Falvo
Phone: (440) 212-0478

Logo Droppers provides the latest PPE equipment at fair prices. Whether you need disposable masks or logoed masks, uniforms, gloves, sanitizers for counters and pocket size are available with or without your logo.
Contact: Dave Jacobs
Phone: (702) 433-5646

Lucas Oil Products has decided to introduce a hand sanitizer in a 64-fluid ounce (2-quart) refill bottle. Hand sanitizers can be drying to the skin. Our product contains a small amount of glycerin to help reduce that tendency. Lucas Hand Sanitizer is an ideal product to carry with you and use when soap and water are not conveniently available.
Contact: Shane Burns
Phone: (800) 342-2512

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we quickly offered our customers a full line of PPE products under our proprietary Travel Time brand, including hand sanitizers, antibacterial hand wipes, disposable and cloth face masks and nitrile gloves. These PPE products are offered in a variety of merchandising options in order to meet the needs of our diverse customer base.
Contact: Liz Wilson
Phone: (309) 283.2191

Mashgin makes self-checkout instant and completely touchless. Our kiosks use computer vision to instantly ring up multiple items, speeding up transactions as much as 400%. When lines go down, revenue goes up! Our clients see revenue gains as high as 20% thanks to increased transaction volume during busy hours. Trusted by Fortune 500 Companies and iconic sports brands, Mashgin has already completed 10 million computer vision transactions across 100+ locations in the U.S. 
Contact: Toby Awalt 
Phone: (805) 637-3388 

It's been a long road but as the world starts to reopen, you have one more tool at your disposal to increase profitability at checkout while also providing the relief, focus, or restful night's sleep your customers require. Quick, perfect for on-the-go, & conveniently priced.  Medterra, our CBD, your health.
Contact: Mike Melillo
Phone: (310) 806-0468

During this time with the COVID pandemic going on, it is a great time to work on the exterior of your facilities.  Some facilities that are laying staff off due to not enough work during these slower times.  Why not redirect those staff members that might otherwise be laid-off and have them repair your pavement.  When your customers pull up to your facilities, a first impression says a lot.  Let them know you respect cleanliness and their vehicles and make the right first impression.  Pothole Bind - The most durable DIY pothole/pavement repair product on the market.  Got Potholes?  We fill your Holes!  and almost all pavement repair needs.
Contact: Jeff Schenian
Phone: (888) 936-5333

With Covid-19 changing the way we work and do business, we are all looking to stay healthy and finding ways to protect the environment, employees, and our customers against the virus. Let's join together to bring solutions that boost the immune system, and improve overall health, into your truck stop/travel center! 
Contact: Thomas W. Vallee
Phone: (509) 557-3232

Our COVID-19 services include location reopening support, pre-opening safety checks, HVAC system checks, temporary and permanent signage, wayfinding, EPA registered disinfectant surface treatment, hand sanitizer station installs, barrier protection installs, hands-free door opener installs, thermal imagining, dining room FFE reconfiguration, space reconfiguration and so much more!  Our project management/construction/renovation services include new construction projects, corporate offices, emerging energy/fueling technologies, LEEDS programs, remodeling and renovations, rollout programs, rebranding programs, franchisee development programs and merger and acquisions.
Contact: Robert Peppelman
Phone: (610) 247-2000

COVID-19 has challenged us all personally. Roady’s team has become more agile which illuminates the deeper value we provide to our members.  All of our member Truck Stops have continued to operate and we take pride in that.  By leveraging a strong commercial market, and providing more value to the 150,000 rewards cardholders with the launch of the Roady’s Rewards app, we’ve fostered location stability.  Roady’s Fuel team has capitalized on the market volatility to capture the best load prices for our stops through Inventory Management.  We continue to survey, communicate and inform our stops around their in-store operations.
Contact: Bailey Hughes
Phone: (208) 994- 6955

Smooth Commerce delivers a mobile commerce and engagement platform for restaurants, gas retailers, sports teams and attractions. Their platform powers white-label mobile apps and web ordering with payment, loyalty, ordering, marketing and delivery, providing customers with a seamless experience. Its powerful business tools provide valuable customer insights, improve engagement and drive sales.
Contact: Leo Gallard
Phone: (416) 570 2642 

Socks Galore Wholesale has disposable gloves, working gloves, full line of PPE items, bandanas, neck gators, t-shirts and much more!!!
Contact: Chris Toma
Phone: (248) 545-7625

System4 is a leader in the commercial cleaning industry and we have developed a comprehensive program to address proper cleaning and disinfection application where pathogens may have developed. We ensure that all service providers are properly trained with the right equipment. We have experience in cleaning and disinfection across numerous industries including medical, fitness, education, manufacturing, automotive, office buildings, etc.
Contact: Bryan Moledor
Phone: (216) 347-5737

Founded in 1988,TVC Pro-Driver’s only focus is on truck drivers and their families. We are devoted to making drivers’ lives easier and protecting their livelihood. It begins with our A+ rated legal service created specifically for truck drivers. TVC Pro-Driver is the “Trucker’s Voice in Court,” offering professional CDL holders legal representation to protect their licenses and valuable benefits to support their livelihood.
Contact: Jon Russell
Phone: (800) 288-2889

At Warren Rogers, we are a nationally-recognized technology and analyst support provider for fuel environmental, maintenance, alarm alerting and notifications, wetstock management, and auditing compliance for convenience store operators, including complex and high-volume truck stops. We aid the retailer by efficiently alerting them to compliance and maintenance issues so that they can better-focus on day-to-day operations. We have teams of analysts working safely and remotely in the U.S. to avoid interruptions to your business during these challenging times impacted by Covid-19. Your data is also secured in the cloud to insure continuity of services. 
Contact: Tony Caputo
Phone: (800) 972-7472


NATSO Chairman’s Circle members, whom the financial support from has helped equip NATSO to serve you effectively during this critical time

Ginger Laidlaw
The Alternative Fuels Council, a NATSO company, provides expert knowledge on alternative fuel management and regulatory compliance. We assist fuel marketers with federal and state regulations, incentives, supply options and infrastructure advice. Visit for more information. | (703) 739-8574

Vignan Velivela 
AtoB is the fastest growing fuel card that is loved by small and medium trucking companies. Best in class fuel management software, guaranteed to reduce your fuel costs. No transaction or setup fees. Visit our website for more information. | (415) 942-2684 

Guy Walker
At Blue Beacon, we pride ourselves on serving the trucking industry’s washing needs in a friendly and courteous manner. Located near the country’s finest travel plazas, Blue Beacon Truck Wash locations provide easy access for even the biggest rigs. With over 110 – 24-hr locations and growing, and more than 45 years of experience, Blue Beacon Truck Wash is the most recognized and trusted truck washing service in the nation. Blue Beacon consistently delivers a high-quality wash in the shortest amount of time possible. Visit | (785) 825-2221

Adam Harrell
Bridgestone is one of the best-known and most- trusted names in truck tires today, with products for every vehicle type and service, whether over-the-road on/off highway or specialty applications. Bridgestone tires are available from the largest network of truckstops in America. Visit for more information. | (615) 937-1457

David Charles, Jr.
Cash Depot is a full-service ATM and Air/Vac company dedicated to offering the best products and services, which include merchant processing, purchase, rental and free placement program. When you do business with us, you receive quality, reliability, accountability and dependability. Call 1-800-776-8834 or contact us to discuss how we can provide you a solution to fit your needs! Visit | (920) 432-1918

Heather DeBallie
Locations that sell diesel need a CAT Scale. Operators can join the world’s leading public truck scale network. CAT Scale has more than 1,850 locations across the U.S. and Canada. There are no startup costs and equipment, maintenance and training are provided. Professional drivers seek out CAT Scales. CAT Scale can bring more money to the bottom line. Visit for more information. | (563) 468-5216

Anne Smart
Electric mobility is the smart choice. We make it the easy one, too. Since 2007, we’ve focused solely on offering the best electric vehicle (EV) charging experience for everyone involved in the shift to electric mobility. Visit for more information. | (408) 841-4500

Ted Giles
Since 1952, Birmingham-based Chester’s International, LLC has been serving customers delicious, fresh fried chicken and signature sides using old, southern family recipes. Chester’s is a leading fractional franchise company with expertise in developing food-service programs for convenience stores and grocery retail chains. Visit for more information. | (205) 949-4690

Connor Noud 

Chevron Lubricants is a leading supplier of lubrication solutions to fleets and owner operators in North America. With wide distribution, a strong support network and the award-winning, industry-leading Delo family of products, Chevron can help you meet your lubrication requirements. Visit for more information. | (517) 614-1451 

Donald Densmore

The Coca-Cola Co. is the world’s largest beverage company, refreshing consumers with nearly 500 sparkling and still brands. Along with Coca-Cola, recognized as the world’s most valuable brand, the company’s portfolio includes 15 other billion-dollar brands. For more information about Coca-Cola, please visit | (770) 200-8892

Gordon Price
DAS Companies, Inc. is a full-service marketing and global supply chain portfolio company. Privately-held, DAS Companies designs, imports
and distributes truck and auto accessories, travel merchandise and mobile electronics that add safety, convenience, comfort and leisure to on-the-go consumers through a series of channel partnerships including travel centers, heavy-duty trucking centers, and electronics and specialty retailers. Visit for more information. | (717) 507-0363

Roxby Hartley

EcoEngineers is a renewable energy consulting firm specializing in clean energy regulations and performing the following services: audit, compliance management, and consulting. We deliver clean energy production across multiple industry sectors with our systematic, proven 360° approach. We hold a deep understanding for what drives innovation and investment in clean energy projects, and our team of experts will guide you through the regulatory process from concept to commissioning. Our 360° project approach has evolved through hard-earned experience and unites our talented team with our core strengths — training and education, regulatory engagement, life-cycle analysis, asset optimization, compliance management, and audit — to deliver the results you seek and the return you count on. Visit for more information. | (831) 383-9535

Nathan S Oland, AIC, LUTCF
Successful operators need to know what their insurance agent knows about the travel plaza business and should feel good that they have the correct and specific coverage, service and
risk management support they need. Federated Insurance is a NATSO Chairman’s Circle partner for good reason. Their marketing representatives will ensure operators’ peace of mind with major client service standards. At Federated, it’s their business to protect yours! Visit our website, for more information. | (507) 455-8935

Dan Hudson
fiserv offers direct merchant services for NATSO members. There’s only one way to establish the NATSO-fiserv merchant account, contact our dedicated service representative, Dan Hudson. If
you haven’t gone through NATSO, your merchant account isn’t covered! You’ll benefit greatly with the lowest rates in the industry and unparalleled service. Visit for information. | (703) 615-7107

Danny Seals
Gilbarco Veeder-Root, the worldwide technology leader for retail and commercial fueling operations, offers the broadest range of integrated solutions from the forecourt to the convenience store and head office. Gilbarco earns the trust of its customers by providing long-term partnership, uncompromising support and proven reliability. Visit for more information. | (336) 547-5489

Tim Campbell
Interstate Health Systems is an innovative, technology-based medical services company that provides vitally needed urgent and primary care along the nation’s interstate highway system. We support the needs of commercial truck drivers, rural residents, and all travelers across U.S. interstates. Learn more at | (602) 708-4474

Sean Luce
McLane is a supply chain services leader, providing grocery and foodservice supply chain solutions for convenience stores, travel centers, mass merchants, drugstores and military locations, as well as quick-service and fast-casual chain restaurants. McLane optimizes the purchase, flow and sale of products from thousands of suppliers to more than 54,000 retail locations. Learn more at | (254) 742-3675

Terry Dowell
Founded by Tim Jones in 1980, ME Gaming provides their customers with a consistent, near-passive revenue stream through video gaming terminals. They have grown and prospered under their dedicated focus on superior customer service while building mutually profitable partnerships with their customers. When you team up with ME Gaming, you’re teaming up with innovation. Learn more at | (309) 724-8395

Craig Barr
For nearly 90 years, Mobil Delvac-branded heavy-duty diesel lubricants have been helping owner-operators and fleets nationwide extend the life of their equipment. Along with conventional and synthetic diesel engine oils, the Mobil Delvac product family features a complete bumper-to-bumper offering of fully synthetic drive-train fluids, extended-life coolants and high-performance greases. Learn more at | (360) 601-9797

Michael Lawshe
Paragon Solutions provides retail design, consulting and branding services to convenience stores, restaurants, truckstops and travel plazas across the country. Their services include ground ups, remodels, site design, interior design, store layouts, equipment specification, creative branding and graphics solutions, food service design and merchandising. Learn more at | (817) 927-7171

Seth Blank
Premier Merchants Group is one of the nation’s leading merchant services provider specializing in ATMs and credit card processing. In 2011, Payment Alliance International (PAI), the largest non-bank ATM operator in the United States, named Premier as PAI’s second fastest growing company in the nation. Learn more at | (855) 764-2867

Robert Lake
Randall-Reilly is the nation’s leading information provider for the trucking industry. It owns over
65 web properties, magazines, trade shows, truckstop signage, data products and smart phone applications used by marketers to reach the owner-operator, fleet and driver markets. They own the media products travel plaza customers use daily, Trucker Tools, Overdrive magazine, CCJ magazine and the Great American Trucking Show. Learn more at | (205) 248-1235

Jon Scharingson
Renewable Energy Group is a leading North American biodiesel producer with a nationwide distribution and logistics system. Utilizing an integrated value chain model, Renewable Energy Group is focused on converting natural fats, oils and greases into advanced biofuels. With more than 225 million gallons of owned/operated annual production capacity at biorefineries across the country, REG is a proven biodiesel partner in the distillate marketplace. Learn more at | (515) 239-8000

Dan Takach
S&D Coffee & Tea, a subsidiary of Cott Corp., is the largest coffee and tea manufacturer and supplier to restaurants and convenience stores in America. S&D is also a leading producer of liquid extracts. In continuous operation since 1927, the company serves more than 100,000 customers through national distribution and direct store delivery. For more information about S&D Coffee & Tea, go to | (800) 933-2210

Diego Castro 
Believe the hype. Synergy Diesel Efficient is fully formulated, so you can go 2% further without the hassle. It keeps your engine cleaner for better fuel economy, which means less maintenance and downtime—and less off your bottom line. It’s the first widely-available pre-additized diesel, and it’s only available at Exxon™ and Mobil™ stations. Where science and trucking come together. Learn more at  | (832) 624-8423 

Gigi Rollins
What makes Valvoline the only one that customers need? Its dedication to innovative products and services, spearheaded by a tremendous investment in research and development. Valvoline products (greases, engine oils, chemicals, coolants, etc.) and programs help users extend drain intervals, reduce maintenance and improve productivity while providing superior protection and lowering the cost of operation. Learn more at | (843) 793-8490

Angela Coppler
It’s an exciting time to join and grow with The Wendy’s Company. Dave Thomas opened the first Wendy’s® restaurant in 1969 and we continue to follow his sound principles to ensure we build upon our position as a quality leader in the Quick Service Restaurant (“QSR”) industry. Learn more at | (614) 760-2025


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