Hire the Right People and Set Them Up for Success

Added on: July 11, 2019


Hire the Right People and Set Them Up for Success
Speaker: Darren Bateman
Meeting Room 105

Learn how to discover great employees.  Have you ever seen a “Now Hiring” sign on the front door of the Microsoft office building?  Is your “Now Hiring” sign on the window really the correct way to get employees? The right person in the right job equals success for your company.  You don’t see the tire changer adding gas during a formula 1 Pit stop. Each of the 21 members of a Formula 1 racing team pit crew has a specific job to do, so do your employees.  Do you have them in the right position? Utilize the interview process to choose the right employee.  You don’t want your employees to just answer yes or no to your customers; don’t allow them to in the interview.  Are you asking the right questions? Success comes with proper training.  A fighter does not win a championship by throwing a series of lucky punches.  They were trained to throw that punch at that specific time with that specific technique. Get the answers and more at this informative session.