Is Hydrogen the Fuel of the Future?: NATSO Connect 2023 Keynote

Confirmed Panelist: Bill Zobel, Director Alternative Fuels at Pilot Flying J; Randy Gard, COO at Bosselman Enterprises

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are advancing zero-emission vehicle technology, including hydrogen fuel cells, as they react to increasing regulatory demands for new technology. In this session, a panel of alternative leaders will examine the future of hydrogen-fueled vehicles and the infrastructure needed to fuel them. While some industry advocates and researchers are confident that the costs of hydrogen, vehicles and hydrogen production will be reduced through scale and innovation over time, what is the timeline that travel centers can expect for this to become a reality? What are OEMs looking at as they look to scale up production? And, most importantly, what can truckstops do to prepare for their arrival? Panelists will probe the dynamics shaping investments in hydrogen and discuss what the market will need to meet future expectations.

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