Professional Drivers Workshop: NATSO Connect Presentation

Added on: March 2, 2022


Speakers: Gina Bonafede, DAS Distributors 
Panel of Road Pro Professional Drivers:  Kenyette Godhigh-Bell, Brita Nowak, Fred Weatherspoon​
In this interactive workshop, a panel of Road Pro professional drivers will provide first-hand insights from professional drivers to learn more about their wants and needs on the road. A panel of DAS Distributors’ Road Pro professional drivers will discuss what matters most to them while they are on the road.

DAS regularly solicits input from drivers and has valuable insights that can help truckstop and travel plaza operators with their short- and long-term goals. During the session, drivers are expected to cover the importance of cleanliness, customer service and lighting as well as their thoughts on parking reservations and social media.

The information is designed to help NATSO members prioritize their business goals, especially as many businesses across the country struggle with labor challenges.

Panel of Road Pro professional drivers provided by: