How Truckstops and Travel Centers Can Remain Relevant Within a Rapidly Changing Retail Environment

Added on: February 13, 2020


The retail industry has experienced significant change over the past decade, and the pace of change continues to increase. To remain relevant, retailers have to create an engaging experience, and during NATSO Connect 2020, retail industry expert Patrik Jacob of Koru-Development will dig into how those within the truckstop and travel center industry can benefit from the fundamental changes taking place in retail. During the session, Jacob will cover the major trends that will affect the truckstop industry long term, how to survive the decade of disruption in retail, and why the success factors of the past are losing relevance. He will also explain which customer experience element will stay the most critical success factor and why truckstop and travel plaza operators should expect the biggest competition to come from outside of the industry.