Renewable Fuels Master Class from Alternative Fuels Council at NATSO Connect 2020

Added on: February 11, 2020


On Friday morning, the Alternative Fuels Council is offering an in-depth workshop on the Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS) and Renewable Identification Number (RIN) credits and the IRS Biodiesel Tax Credit. The workshop will be offered by renewable fuels experts Jeff Hove and Ginger Laidlaw of NATSO’s Alternative Fuels Council. The workshop will focus on blending and selling renewable fuels such as biodiesel and ethanol.

The master class will kick off with a RFS overview that features detailed information on the purpose of the RFS, who the players are and how renewable fuel blenders can benefit from the standard as well as RIN credits. It will also cover how RIN credits are reported, audited and traded.

Following the RFS and RIN credit overview, the Alternative Fuels Council will provide a detailed explanation of the $1.00 gallon biodiesel tax credit (BTC). During this portion, Oscar Garza, Oscar L. Garza & Associates, will lead the discussion on best practices for handling your B100 versus B99 and filing for the BTC.

After discussing the two primary renewable fuel incentives, Jeff Hove will provide examples of how these credits and incentives can be used to significantly improve your fuel margins.

At the end of the workshop, attendees will be provided a look into the Alternative Fuels Council’s software application that manages these incentives. This application, combined with the Alternative Fuels Council staff, brings RIN credits directly to you. Staff will show how they manage RIN reporting and auditing for your company.