Take the Pledge: How Truckstops Help People

Take the Pledge: How Truckstops Help People

The NATSO Foundation is asking each member of the truckstop and travel plaza industry to join in its educational mission of training the industry in how to react to requests for help to ensure that every member of the truckstop industry is prepared to respond in four situations. 

The first online training courses include “The Role of Truckstops in Combating Human Trafficking” and “How Truckstops Help the Homeless.” Additional courses planned for the “How Truckstops Help People” series will focus on what to do for drivers who are suffering distress or how to respond during a natural disaster. The courses can be accessed at www.natso.com/onlinelearning.

The NATSO Foundation in January 2016 premiered this new online learning initiative to strengthen the nation’s truckstop and travel plaza industry by delivering comprehensive educational and safety training materials to truckstop owners, operators and their employees.

Through the NATSO Foundation’s online training tools, truckstops nationwide now have a new avenue for expanding their knowledge base and supplementing their own employee training.

While the NATSO Foundation’s online education courses are available to anyone in the nation’s truckstop and travel plaza community, a userID and password to NATSO's website is required. Users unsure of their NATSO website log-in or in need of an account can contact NATSO’s Manager of Travel Plaza Member Services Kimberly Roberts at 703-739-8573 or kroberts@natso.com.

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