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Points to Partners Loyalty and Gift Card software, system, allows any retailer to customize one on one marketing with their customer base. Points to Partners system will enable any retailer the ability to build their own customer data base, in most cases buying profiles and build promotions to enable the retailer to build sales. Many Points to Partners customers, who utilize the systems capabilities, see double digit increases in sales the first year of the program and continuing growth throughout the use of the system.

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  • The Value of Retention

    Customer retention is a valuable loyalty aspect. From developing your customer database to accessing easy to use and read reports, Points to Partners (P2P) can provide a Loyalty Program that meets these needs.

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Points to Partners sales and customer service personnel are trained to help retailers get the most advantage from using a Loyalty and Gift Card program to market their business. Points to Partners team members will be as involved in your program as you need them to be, whether it is entering customer information, or building promotions to make your program a success, our team strives to make each program as successful as possible.
The Points to Partners system is for ANY RETAILER looking to increase sales, with the use of the Points to Partners system you will:
1) get more dollars out of your existing customer
2) get the customer who shops randomly with you to become a loyal customer
3) build new customers.

The Points to Partners Loyalty system is integrated with the Ruby Sapphire/Topaz, Commander POS, Radiant POS, Fiscal POS, Gilbarco POS and most Micros POS and a few others. If integration to your current POS system is not available, transactions can be done through a standalone verifone terminal.

IF you are looking for increase sales, excitement and the ability to create your own data base of customers, you will find no other Loyalty and Gift Card system like Points to Partners.


Sample Cards:

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