Trucking Regulations

The nation’s 3 million truck drivers and the companies they work for are subject to a bevy of federal regulations that restrict many facets of their operations and heavily influence the day-to-day functions of the truckstop and travel plaza industry’s core customer base.

Chief among them are the Hours-of-Service Rule (HOS), which governs driver work and rest periods, and the Electronic-Logging Device (ELD) Rule, which mandates the use of technology by all commercial truck drivers operating in interstate commerce to log their HOS data. Additional regulations govern truck size and weight, driver drug testing, and driver age requirements. The industry also must comply with the federal safety measurement and reporting system known as the Compliance, Safety, Accountability Program.

These federal regulations governing the commercial trucking industry and its drivers carry significant direct and indirect implications for the truckstop and travel plaza industry.

Understanding trucking’s regulations is vital to ensuring that truckstops and travel plaza’s operating commercial trucks are in compliance with the regulations as well as helping them understand and respond to customer needs.

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