Truckstops Need Your Help in the Fight Against Commercialization


Nationwide, interstate exit-based businesses like truckstops and travel plazas are being threatened by legislators seeking to overturn the long-standing prohibition on the sale of food, fuel and other retail services from the interstate right-of-way as a means of fixing state budgetary shortfalls.

This includes NATSO’s truckstop and travel plaza members, more than 80 percent of which operate within a quarter mile of the Interstate Highway System (IHS), serving the needs of the motoring public.

As a NATSO allied member, we need your help to fight these efforts.

Imagine what would happen if state DOTs opened shop at interstate rest areas, competing directly for customers with truckstops and travel plazas by offering fuel, food and other conveniences from the advantageous location on the interstate right-of-way?

With direct access to motorists, state governments would siphon customers, slowly decimating existing businesses that depend upon motorists exiting the interstate to survive.

A University of Maryland study comparing business development along the IHS with development along highways that have commercialized rest areas found 50 percent fewer exit-based businesses along those stretches of highways with commercialized rest areas.

With so much at stake, NATSO in conjunction with the business community has formed a coalition called the Partnership to Save Highway Communities to fight against commercial rest area expansion. The Partnership, comprised of more than 50 trade associations, businesses, and other stakeholders, launched a website to educate coalition members, as well as lawmakers and the public, about the issue.

NATSO also is working with Virginia Tech University to update and expand the 2003 study highlighting business development at highway interchanges and their importance to local communities.

To learn more about the Partnership to Save Highway Communities,visit our website or follow us on Facebook.

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